Hooniverse Podcast: Episode 303 – Post LeMons Debrief Time

The Hooniverse Podcast Episode 303 starts off talking about some more Bring-A-Trailer insanity… because it keeps happening. This time it’s all about super money for a clean, low-mileage Buick GNX. After that, I have to debrief a bit about how our 24 Hours of LeMons weekend went down at the Buttonwillow race. Spoiler, we only got in one day of racing – but it wasn’t Day 1, it was Day 2. How’d that happen? Listen in and find out!

If you’d prefer the audio-only version, head to https://anchor.fm/hooniverse or check us out wherever you normally get your podcast party on. We’re on Apple, Google, Spotify, and more!

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