Hooniverse Overseas via eBay Edition – UK Delights of the 70s

Welcome to a special edition of Hooniverse Weekend, where I will take you on a journey overseas via eBay. I decided to explore the offshore eBay sites, from the UK, Germany, France, and Australia. My goal was to look for the cars of the 70s that were produced from each of these destinations, and share some of the best with our fans. Of course, there will be a poll for each feature, so why not just sit back and enjoy…

Let’s start the weekend with this 1975 Rover P6 2000 TC finished in Lunar Grey, according to the seller. The P6 was the last of the “P” designated Rover designs to reach production. The vehicle was marketed first as the Rover 2000 and was a complete “clean sheet” design intended to appeal to a broader number of potential buyers that any previous Rover product. The Series II was introduced and involved a number of revisions to all Rover P6 variants and was launched in 1970. It included new exterior fixtures, new bonnet pressings and new rear lights. The interior of the 3500, and 2000TC versions was updated with new instrumentation with circular gauges and rotary switches. The battery was moved to the boot for all Series II versions. This particular 2000 TC seems to be in good shape, with only 84,000 miles on the clock. The asking price is £2,995, which converts to a little over $4,800 with today’s exchange rates. See the listing here, and decide if you would want to export this Rover from across the pond.

The Jensen Interceptor has always pulled at the heartstrings of Anglophile Car Enthusiasts for some time now, and this 1974 Interceptor Convertible is a great example of the breed. This is one of just 267 Convertibles ever built, and it has logged only a little over 72,000 miles under its belt. This Series III Convertible is arguable the most luxurious of the Jensens built up to that time, but it still couldn’t save the company from going under in 1976. By this time, all Jensens were powered by the Chrysler 440 CID V-8, with the Chrysler Torqueflite A-727 automatic transmission at the ready. Asking price for this striking Jensen is £44,950, which converts to almost $72,600. A lot of money for a lot of kit, but is it worth it? See the listing here, and tell me what you think.

There were more than a few Triumph Stags listed within eBay UK, but this particular Stag was the most stunning example listed. This is a 1977 Stag with the 3.0L Triumph V-8, an engine that is infamous for its reliability problems. However, these problems have been largely overcome by the rabid support of Stag Enthusiasts, and with improvements in modern lubrication, the installation of electronic ignition, and the fitting of a larger radiator with an improved water pump, the issues of overheating are and other engine failures have been eliminated. This particular Stag has a little over 49,000 miles under its belt, and is in great condition. The asking price is £6,995, which is roughly $11,300. See the listing here, and tell me if you would go Stag for this car.

This is a 1979 Lotus Esprit S2, and what a lovely example it is. The S2 was introduced in 1978 as an upgrade to the original Esprit, with better cooling inlets, distinctive instrumentation (replacing the instrument cluster made by Veglia with individual gauges made by Smiths), Larger tail lamps borrowed from the Rover SD1, and integrating a front spoiler. The car was still equipped with the Lotus 2.0L type 907 Inline 4-cylinder which produced 144 bhp with dual sidedraft Dell’Orto carburetors. This car recently had the engine rebuilt, and comes with a lot of documentation. The asking price for this example is £8,995, or $14,526 in American Greenbacks. See the listing here, and tell me if this Lotus will quench your British Car Desire.

And now for something that has never been exported to America, a 1975 Triumph Dolomite Sprint Saloon, and this one has been fully refurbished, with only 67,000 miles on the odometer. This particular Triumph was created to compete with the BMW 2002, with a 2.0L 16 valve SOHC engine capable of producing 127HP. Triumph claimed that this was the world’s first mass produced engine with multi-valve technology, and the Sprint was fitted with standard Alloy Wheels, Vinyl Roof, front spoiler, twin exhausts and a lowered suspension. There was also the option of a limited slip differential. This car competed with the BMW 2002 tii, and did so with two extra doors, and at £1,000 price advantage at the time. This 1975 model is one of only 3,589 Dolomite Sprints produced for the year. Asking price for this Triumph is £3,950, or roughly $6,600. See the listing here, and see if this is a Triumph you could go for.

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