Hooniverse Overseas via eBay Edition – Some German Treats of the 70s

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse via eBay Weekend, and this time we are going to Germany, which is home to some of the more desirable European brands. For this weekend, I decided to zero in on cars of the 70s from their home country, and there were more than enough truly desirable machines listed on the site, so I had to cull the number of entries to a manageable few. If you want to tour Germany via eBay, go here and enjoy…

Let’s start with a Porsche, only instead of an everyday boring 911 variant we shall explore a 1979 Porsche 924 Turbo instead. According to Wikipedia: “Porsche executives soon recognized the need for a higher-performance version of the 924 that could bridge the gap between the basic 924 and the 911s. Having already found the benefits of turbochargers on several race cars and the 1975 911 Turbo, Porsche chose to use this technology for the 924, eventually introducing the 924 Turbo as a 1978 model.” Items to distinguish the 924 Turbo include a NACA duct in the hood and air intakes in the badge panel in the nose, 15-inch spoke-style alloy wheels, four-wheel disc brakes with 5 stud hubs and a five-speed transmission. Performance was said to be very close to the 911 SC at the time, and reliability was a concern. This particular 924 was ordered new by a Swiss customer, and originally cost DM 44 200. It has covered 107 650 KM, and is in its original color scheme. Asking price is €15,950 or roughly $21,000. See the listing here, and tell me is this is a Porsche to bring to the US or not.

How about a 1979 Audi 100 GL 5S? This is an Audi before they went all Aerodynamic, and was the first Audi to reach a production level of over a million units. This particular Audi was equipped with the carburetted 2.1L inline 5-cylinder powerplant, producing 116HP, according to the listing. the car covered only 66,000 KM, and is equipped with a proper Manual Transmission, rear head restraints, power steering, original radio and front fog lamps. This is a very good looking early Audi, and the asking price is €4,500, or about $6,000. See the listing here, and tell me is this Audi is the one.

Here is a 1975 Mercedes-Benz W114 250 2.8 Saloon in almost as new condition. It shines in it original color scheme of Soft Yellow and Dark Red two tone, with well cared for tan vinyl and cloth interior. This car came equipped with the 2.8L M115 Mercedes 6-cylinder engine that produced 109HP at the time. Unlike the Benz models that were shipped stateside, this car has a proper manual with a floor selector. It has covered only 88,000 km during its lifetime, and is in wonderful condition. Asking price is €5,900 or roughly $7,760. See the listing here, and see if this Benz is for you.

Here is a breathtakingly beautiful 1975 BMW 2.5CS Coupe, and is said to be one of only 844 produced. This car has been restored to better than new condition. The seller states that a lot of money was invested in this car, and from the looks of the images, it shows. The 2.5L Twin-Carb inline 6-cylinder engine is a beauty, and in this iteration, produced 148HP. The Coachwork was performed by Karmann, and it is as striking today as it was when it was first produced. Asking price for this stunning piece of art is €29,999, which translated to $39,453. It’s a lot of money, but still less than a new 6-series, and you get to row your own gears! See the listing, and tell me you don’t want this BMW…

Here is a 1979 E21 BMW with a Baur Convertible Conversion. Baur is a Karosserie or coachbuilder in Stuttgart, Germany, which has been building BMW convertibles since the 1930s. In 1971 they began production of the safer “targa” style body with the 2002, and the E21 3 series TC1 was built with full factory authorization, and covered in the factory warranty. The 6-cylinder E21 has covered 220,000KM, and the seller states that there is some work to be done to get it back into decent shape (Some welding has to be done…). Sounds like a project and 1/2, but when was the last time you saw a Baur BMW? asking price for this car is €2,500 or around $3,300. See the listing here, and tell me if that’s a good buy.

This is a 1977 NSU Ro80, built by the West German firm of NSU from 1967 until 1977. It was a very advanced design when introduced, powered by a 2-rotor Wankel Engine that produced 115hp at the time, with a semi-automatic transmission. The Ro80 developed an early reputation for unreliability, which ultimately doomed the company. The fact that the Apex Seals failed on early Rotary engines, and the misunderstanding of the basic properties of the engine by dealership mechanics meant that the second hand market for these cars was non-existent, with very few remaining today. This particular Ro80 was partially restored ’83 including repainting (photographic documentation), under-body & hollow sections (2010 refreshed). The sealing strips were replaced at 101,000 KM. The car now has forged Fuchs-LM-rims, a CD-Blaupunkt radio Monte Carlo with MP28 Pioneer-speakers in front doors, 2 in rear shelf and a retractable aerial. The interior was also reupholstered. Asking price for this increasingly rare NSU is €9,700, which is roughly $12,800. See the listing here, and see if this early Wankel hums for you…

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