Hooniverse Overseas via eBay Edition – Aussie Gems of the 70s

This wouldn’t be a Special Overseas Edition without going to the land down under. Australian home grown cars are more akin to American Iron than anywhere else in the world, and we have been deprived of almost all of them. So what do you say we go down and rescue a couple of them and bring them back stateside?

And let’s start off with a bang. This is a 1972 Ford XA GT Coupe, and it’s a beaut. According to the seller, the car is now equipped with a 393 Stroker, with approx 550HP at fly wheel. There is a TKO 600 5 speed gear box handling all that power with a 9 inch rear wnd and 4-11 gearset. Billett Wheels 18×12 17×7, Leather interior, Big stereo, Upgraded front brakes, and an Alloy fuel tank finish off the package. It also comes with original matching numbered engine and gear box. The asking price is a heart stopping AU 85,000 which converts to $86,600. See the listing here, and tell me what you think of this great looking Ford.

Now take a look at this 1970 Ford Falcon XW GT. Being a 4-door Muscle Car is unheard of in America, but it was fairly common in Oz. This car has it all, a 351 CID V-8, a top-loader 4-speed manual, with a Ford 9 inch rear end. Finished in a deep shade of green called reef green and gold “Super Roo” stripes, with a flawlwss Black interior. Believe it or not, these cars are as sought after as the Winged Hemi Dodge Daytona is here in America, and command top dollar. How much green will buy this Green Machine? AU 89,900, or $91,683 Greenbacks. See the listing here, and tell me if this Sedan is more desirable than the previous Coupe.

Chrysler was in the thick of it during the 70s, and here’s proof. This is a 1974 Chrysler Valiant Charger Coupe, equipped with the 265 CID Hemi 6-Cylinder engine and an Automatic Transmission. The previous owner installed an Air Conditioning unit, and the car has been restored. 310,000 kilometers on the clock seems like a lot, given the state of some of the backroads within the country. Still, there is no denying the styling, or the desirability of these Aussie Chargers. Asking price is AU 30,000, or almost $30,600. Is this Charger from OZ worth shipping to America? See the listing to find out.

Here is something quite unusual, a 1975 Ford ZG Fairlane 500. Oz still used the Fairlane name long after America gave up on the moniker. This car is a real beauty with a 4.9L V-8, Automatic “T” stick transmission, factory Air Conditioning, and the set of alloys was fitted when the car was new. This car has almost 87,000 kilometers from new, factory paint still shines, and the interior is flawless. So, why would you want an Australian Fairlane 500 rather than a US Torino of the same year? Take a look at the listing, and you tell me. By the way, the asking price is AU 12,500 or roughly $12,654.

What about a 1977 Holden Kingswood Premier HX Saloon? Think of the Holden nameplate as Chevrolet, and you will soo realize that Australia is ruled by the Big Three during the 60s and 70s. Holden was the General Motors Australian division, and recently was brought into prominence here in North America for producing the Pontiac G-T-O, and the G8, as well as engineering the chassis for the Chevrolet Camaro. The new Police Version of the Chevrolet Caprice can also be traced right back to Holden. In 1977, Holden was a relatively unknown make in America, but it was a big player in Oz, and the Kingswood sold is fairly large numbers. This HX series saloon has the 3.3L inline 6 producing 118HP, with an automatic performing the shifting duties. Air Conditioning, and a light Vinyl Interior completes the package. Asking price is AU 6,500, which is like $6,580 in US currency. See the listing here, and tell me if this is the Aussie for you.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include an Aussie Ute, and here is a 1970 Ford Falcon Ute in Diamond White. It looks basically like the Falcon GT outlined earlier, but under the hood is a 4.1L Inline 6-cylinder, backed up by a 3-speed manual transmission mounted on the steering column. It has all the GT trim goodies on the outside, including the gold “Super Roo” tape stripes, and the GT wheels, but its as basic as you can get inside. Asking price for this Super Ute is AU 27,900, which is about $28,300 here in the US. See the listing, and tell me that this is the Australian Ute for you.

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