Hooniverse Overseas via eBay Edition – A Few French Delicacies of the 70s

This is the second posting for the Hooniverse Overseas via eBay edition, and our next stop is in France. I knowwe all have a thing for French cars, to the point that I really can’t understand why. They are slightly warped, a bit somewhat ahead of their time, and a few are rather unreliable. The last Peugeot imported into the US was the rather unloved 405 sedan and wagon, but proved to be non-competitive with the domestic and Japanese brands that were widely available. So, let’s take a look at a few French Delicacies from the 1970s, and see if they will rekindle your desire for something other than French Wine…

This is a 1974 Renault 15TL Coupe, which was never actually imported within the states or Canada. We did receive the slightly different Renault 17, and the 17 Gordini, and were both coupe versions of the Renault 12 Saloon. Power was derived from the R1300 that produced 59HP, and the car achieved a top speed of 93MPH. This particular 15 has had a recent repaint, and according to the seller, it is in very good working order. It has only 60,000 KM on the odometer, and the top bid so far is €1,560 which comes to $2,041. This is a very stylish French Coupe, but is it worth the trouble of shipping it back to America? Take a look at the listing, and tell me what you think.

This is a 1975 Peugeot 504 V6 Coupe, which was never officially imported into the states. These coupes were breathtakingly beautiful, and its a shame that they were never offered in the states, but now you can buy one of your own. according to the seller, this car has only 50,000 Kms (For Real!), Mechanically spotless (The V6 is Puncture Proof!), as is the interior. He makes a point to tell us that the Radio Cassette is a Phillips unit. The bodywork is aging, and the paint is not original, but my concern is the two (yes Two!) sunroofs that are now sealed. Asking price for this 2-door 504 is €2,500 or roughly $3,270. See the listing, and tell me you don’t want this.

This is a 1970 Citroën DS Cabriolet. Heart stopping looks, very little information otherwise. What little I know about the Cabriolet versions of the DS is this: It was offered from 1958 until 1973, and were built in small batches (or series) by French carrossier Henri Chapron, for the Citroën factory. The DS convertibles used the station wagon frame, which was reinforced on the sidemembers and rear suspension swingarm bearing box. These cars are among the most sought after modern day French Cars by collectors, and are commanding ever higher prices within Continental Europe. This one is no exception, with an asking price of €49,000, or around $64,100. Take a look at the listing, and tell me if this is a desirable French Car.

How about a 1973 Citroën SM Coupe, probably the one French Car that is the most desirable one with this community. Again, this Citroën has heart stopping looks, finished in an appropriate shade of brown, with a luscious brown leather interior, and a manual gearbox. The seller states that the engine was removed almost 20,000 Km ago, for chain verification (whatever that means), and the chassis has over 80,000 Km on the clock. Fantastic Looks, Maserati Power, and a rather attractive price at €13,000,00, which translates to just over $17,000. Take a look at the listing, and see if this SM deserves to be exported here.

How about something a little obscure? This is a 1979 Peugeot 304 SL Break (Wagon) that could be restored, or driven as is. The 304 shares the midsection of the smaller 204, and in the case of the Break, the rear section was used as well. The engine used for this version of the 304 was the 1.3L I4 XL5 producing 65HP. It was a wildly successful wagon with 216,183 units produced during its 10 year lifetime. The current bid for this Break is €1,000 or around $1,300. Take a look at the listing, and see if this Peugeot is for you (or not)

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