Hooniverse Motorhome Monday – No Reservations Needed via Automotive Traveler

No this is not a Motorboat Monday feature, but a Motorhome Monday feature. A very good friend of mine did a piece over at Automotive Traveler, and since Rob ran a Hooniverse Asks posting asking “What is your dream Motorhome?“, I thought this would be a great companion piece.

Rich Truesdell over at Automotive Traveler did an in-depth look at hoe GM engineers set out to redefine the recreational vehicle as a front wheel drive, space age inspired motoring machine. Read the article here.
Image Source: GM Media Archives via Automotive Traveler

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  1. B72 Avatar

    Good article, but that site is really annoying to read from an iPhone.

    1. Rich Truesdell Avatar
      Rich Truesdell

      Call me old fashioned, but is reading content presented magazine-style on a four-inch screen is kinda futile, even though it's possible. Our content presents well, with a minimum of eyestrain, zooming and scrolling, on screens as small as seven inches, like a Dell Streak or a Galaxie Tab. In reality, as it's me who did this layout, it was designed to present well on an iPad and larger screens like a laptop. About 4% of our reades view our content on an iPhone.

      1. B72 Avatar

        It would be interesting to run an experiment. Make up a few iPhone friendly pages, promote them a bit, and then recheck the percentages. You'd get my page views.

    2. Jim Brennan Avatar
      Jim Brennan


  2. $kaycog Avatar

    Who knew?
    [youtube jOkMMaQJGqY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOkMMaQJGqY youtube]

    1. Festiva_Movemnt Avatar

      I was seriously just on my way to Youtube to see if anyone had posted a FWD burnout video in one of these. Thank you for saving me a few burnt calories.

  3. AteUpWithMotor Avatar

    Ack, it submitted it before I wanted it to. I was going to say…
    A nice piece from Rich. The backstory on these is pretty interesting; I talked about it a bit in the second part of my Toronado piece on Ate Up With Motor (http://ateupwithmotor.com/luxury-and-personal-luxury-cars/266-oldsmobile-toronado-gmc-motorhome.html). The origins of the drivetrain are discussed in more detail in part one: http://ateupwithmotor.com/luxury-and-personal-lux

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      Ironically enough, I was on Ate Up With Motor for some time last evening reviewing the excellent pieces on the Toronado and the GMC Motorhome for a Curbside Classic Outtake on a first year Toronado I spotted yesterday. I had previously known of the Toronado/GMC connection but it was all put into context there. Thanks.

  4. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    When I was in prep school in the late seventies, I had a teacher who had left academia in the early seventies, worked for GM in public relations for a while, then returned to teaching at a boarding school after burning out at GM Corporate offices. He would tell a story of how GM had to contend with a wealthy Arab sheik who, unclear on the concept, set the cruise-control on his shiny new GMC whale, then moved to the back of the vehicle to have cocktails (or maybe tea?) with his wife/wives. He was incensed (but apparently uninjured) when his vehicle failed to negotiate the next curve in the highway and ran off of the road.

    1. west_coaster Avatar

      And that's how urban legends get passed along…

  5. Paul_y Avatar

    Motorboat monday? The first thing that came to mind is the two things I miss about my ex.
    …but GMC motorhomes work, too.

  6. west_coaster Avatar

    Right about that same time, I was in high school and heard almost the exact same story. (And of course it involved an Arab, because they were part of OPEC, which was making everyone's lives miserable at the time.)
    The difference was that in the version I heard, he was in one of those tricked-out custom vans.
    I can't imagine G.M. employees would have had any ire toward Arabs in the 1970s…nah.