Hooniverse Modern Art Monday – A 1964 Pontiac Bonneville Wagon as still art…

Welcome to another Modern Art Monday piece on Hooniverse, where we try and broaden your imagination, and take you to a new plane of existence. What I really mean is we post interesting images for all of you to stare at, and today we have something that is quite interesting. According to Mike Baird, who is the photographer of these images, this is what’s left of a 1964 Pontiac Bonneville nine passenger wagon that reported to have stalled on the Morro Bay California Sand Spit in 1973. These images were taken in May of 2010 after the car was uncovered by a series of winter storms. There are two other images after the break…

According to Mike, this is one of only 5,844 nine passenger Bonneville Wagons built that year. May she rust in piece.

Images Courtesy of Mike Baird. Used with permission. (click here)

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