Hooniverse Malaise Era Low Mileage Weekend Edition – A 1972 BMW 2002tii with 36,000 Miles

Continuing on with our Low Mileage Malaise Era Weekend, and I thought I would highlight a car that almost any Hoon worth their salt would give anything to own, an early 70s BMW 2002tii. This is the car that started the BMW lust here in North America, and launched a whole new category called the Sport Sedan.

According to all things Wikipedia:

The BMW 2002 series is important in the history of BMW for several reasons, not the least of which it brought the company out of near bankruptcy in the 1960s and put BMW as a marque on the map in the United States. It was the ancestral grandfather to the BMW 3 Series and was produced from 1968 to 1976.

German BMW importer Max Hoffman is credited for the car’s creation. He had suggested to BMW’s engineering director that a 2.0 L engine should be installed into the small two-door 1600-2 to improve performance and emissions. The engineering director argued that the larger motor would not fit, but Hoffman countered that it certainly would fit; if he refused to put the motor in, Hoffman would personally take a car with the new engine to Georg Meier, a famous motorcycle racer, for installation. Almost immediately, this brought action, and the resulting 2002 (named after the new motor’s displacement) was popular in its first year on sale stateside.

This particular car is a first year 2002tii with the famous round tail-lamps, and before the pending US bumper regulations, making it the most desirable of the series. The only glaring fault I can spot is the wheels, but that is easily fixed. Asking price for this desirable BMW is $11,000, which I think is spot on for this particular car. See the listing, and tell me what you think.


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