Hooniverse Mad Men Weekend – Betty Draper's 1957 Ford Country Sedan, and One You Can Own!

Continuing on with our Mad Men Weekend Edition, we turn to one of the central female characters of the series, Elizabeth Draper. Like any good housewife of the late 50s and early 60s, her mode of transportation is the family station wagon. Compared to the cars her husband tools around in, the Country Sedan is sedate, yet still makes a statement. What is rather unusual is the fact that this is a 1957 model – one of the best selling cars of its time – but a bit old for a successful couple in a high powered industry by 1960, when the series began. Maybe you would like to own a car like Betty’s, and now you can…

Betty Draper isn’t what you would call “Mother of the Year” by any means, and this is just the type of character (among others) that makes the series worth watching. Many fans watch the show just for the the period references: The Clothing, The Furnishings, The Scenery, and of course, the Cars. Betty’s pale yellow Country Sedan seems a little sedate for the character herself, but it is the perfect car for a corporate wife of this time period; Never outshining her husbands car, and always in the background. Today, it’s the perfect classic car if you want to be different, and here’s a couple of examples…

This is a 1957 Country Sedan that is almost identical to Betty’s, except for a bolder color choice of Red and White instead of Yellow and White. According to the listing:

1957 Ford Country Sedan Four Door Wagon , 292 engine with automatic transmission. Red with white paint scheme and stainless trim molding with gold body side trim. Mechanically strong with recent brake and engine service. Runs good and can drive home. Car has some rust but looks good as is. New gas tank, new carpet and many chrome parts. $7,900 firm.

While the Drapers owned a Country Sedan, you could own a top of the line Country Squire of the same year, and make more of a statement. Like this one…. This is a 1957 Country Squire with the period correct factory “Woodgrain” applied to the sides and rear of the car. According to the listing:

1957 ford country squire woody wagon, top of the line in 1957, this is a California car, with the original black plates, has the original 312 4bl, power steering, and automatic, and has the 3rd back seat,also has a padded dash, this is a solid car, with no rust, original floors, and rockers, runs and drives great, you can drive as is, or restore to your on preferences, this is a rare unmolested car, with great potential. $15,900

Would you rock a 1957 Ford Country Sedan or Squire like Betty Draper, or would you find a way to put it out of its misery as a second class car, and run it into a Bird Bath on the front lawn of your Suburban Dwelling, just like Betty? Let me know either way… See the Red Country Sedan Listing Here, and the Red Country Squire Listing Here.

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  1. tonyola Avatar

    Fords of the 1950s are worthy cars but I can't get excited enough about them to seek one out or give these two wagons more than a passing glance. Of the two, I'd pick the red/white Country Sedan over the Squire – I prefer my wagons without the fakey wood. It's also about half the price.

  2. $kaycog Avatar

    I have a huge fondness for the Fords of the '50's, especially the years 1955 through 1959. There is a '57 Ford Wagon in my town and is driven on a daily basis.
    <img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_0RqVWoGk8rg/SfxtFNPTALI/AAAAAAAADZc/8F5n6xgnurY/s400/1957.jpg"width="500"/&gt;

  3. Buickboy92 Avatar

    Great looking car! But I prefer Betty's ford over the red one.

  4. Mazda5Mama Avatar

    <img src=http://jamesandsueswedding.com/Images/drooling_homer_140.gif>

  5. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Great parking lot photo! Lovely collection of past and future on display.

  6. PrawoJazdy Avatar

    Not sure if "Man Men" is a typo or not. Either way I like it.

  7. rtfact32 Avatar

    I think the faux-wood paneling was called Di-Noc.