Hooniverse "It's 1987" Weekend Edition – The GM 2-Seaters

Continuing on with “It’s 1987” Weekend, in which we celebrate the newly minted Antiques as defined by the Antique Automobile Club of America. It seems that cars that were built for the 1987 model year have surpassed the 25-year time span this year. (So how old do you feel right about now?) Anyway, this time I thought I would concentrate on the 2-seaters that were offered by the General at this time, and included the evergreen Chevrolet Corvette, the next to last year Pontiac Fiero, and the newly introduced Cadillac Allante.

The C4 Corvette was introduced during the 1984 model year as a clean sheet design that offered more sophistication and better performance than the previous generation that could trace its root back to 1963. The C4 sacrificed driver comfort for outright performance, with the earlymodels that were prone to squeaks and rattles. By 1986 the convertible roadster made a return appearance, and by 1987 Chevrolet offered the RPO B2K option from Callaway Cars.

This particular 1987 C4 Corvette Coupe is being offered by an Ohio Chevrolet dealer, and it has only accumulated 30,150 on the odometer. Speaking of Odometers, this one is quite peculiar… the rest of the instrumentation was a mix of futuristic orange glow digital readouts, while the odometer was the standard numeric unit used in cars like the Chevette. Anyway, it has been through four local owners, so one has to wonder if the maintenance has been kept up-to-date. There is no question that the Corvette C4 will become collectible, ut will it ever attain a true classic status when it ages? Right now, the current bid for this Plastic Fantastic Antique is $2,025, with a Buy-It-Now price of $12,900. Is this C4 worth the price? See the listing here, and let me know.

The Pontiac Fiero was one of those cars that had so much promise, but because it was so quickly brought into production there were more than enough shortcuts in the vetting process that tarnished its reputation very early on. However, as with most General Motors Cars during this time period, the Fiero actually got a lot better with each passing model year, and the 1987 version proved that. The Iron Duke 4-cylinder saw a bump in power with the addition of some tweaking along the lines of new roller cam bearings, distributorless ignition, and an upgraded throttle-body fuel injection system. The 2.8L HO V-6, introduced in the 1985 model year, was left on its own and cranked out 140HP. A new sloping body style was introduced in 1986 for the GT model, while the SE versions saw new Fascias introduced for 1987.

This 1987 Fiero GT has covered only 5,667 miles, and according to the dealer, is probably the finest, lowest mileage, surviving Fiero GT in the world. The 2.8 liter V-6 is unfortunately backed by an automatic transaxle, but otherwise, this is a choice Fiero. It shows its original mirror finish Bright Silver paint, includes grey leather and (fake)suede bucket seat interior, which will wisk you back to the 80’s. This car has the factory “star point” alloy wheels with the original Goodyear eagle GT’s! The asking price for this timewarp vehicle is $12,990! See the listing here, and see if you agree that maybe this is a future collectible, that is also a newly minted “Antique”.

In 1987, Cadillac saw fit to introduce their own 2-seat Sportscar to try and compete with the European Imports from Germany, and Great Britain. This was Cadillac’s Mercedes-Benz SL, only with a dash of Italian styling, and a good old American V-8 up front. The Allante Body was from Pininfarina, and was loaded onto Boeing 747’s (56 at a time) and flown to the Cadillac’s Detroit Hamtramck assembly plant to be married to the chassis. So far, so not so good because it was determined by Pininfarina that the Italian Cadillac become a FWD vehicle, to make the car more “versatile”. On top of that, the engine chosen during its debut year was the underwhelming HT4100 V-8 which produced only 200HP at the time. Being FWD, the weight distribution was terrible, you fought with understeer when turning, and torque steer when under acceleration.

But so what, this is a fucking 2-seat Cadillac, and as such, it deserves some respect in the “Antique” community. This Cadillac Allante has a little over 54,000 miles on the odometer, is finished in the popular Silver finish with a very red Italian leather interior. The only thing that really blows, besides the blow that may still be under the seats, is the Pep-Boys steering wheel cover. Asking price for this Mediterranean Cadillac is $10,998. See the listing here, and tell me if this will ever reach the heights of a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado as far as value.

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