Hooniverse "It's 1987" Weekend Edition – Some 25 Year Old Japanese Delights with Poll!

Continuing on with our “It’s 1987 II” weekend, and this time I thought I would highlight some Japanese Delights that are now considered “Antiques”, since they are at least 25 years old. It is hard to fathom Japanese cars over 25 years old, but I have to remind you that the Hyundai Excel was introduced to this country over 25 years ago. So, it is with great pleasure that I bring you a grouping of Japanese Antiques: A Toyota Supra Turbo, A Rebadged Suzuki as a Chevy Sprint Turbo, A Nissan 300-ZX, A Second Generation Honda Prelude, A well preserved Mazda 626, a Luxurious Toyota Cressida, and a wacky Suzuki Samurai Tin Roof.

There are some very iconic Japanese sports cars, from the Mazda RX-7. to the Nissan 300-ZX, and you can count the third generation Toyota Supra among those Iconic cars from 25 years ago. This Supra is one of those rare Turbo models, and it has accumulated only 65,000 miles under its belt. According to the listing: “RARE 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo in great condition. This car is accident free and 100% stock right down to the radio. Power is supplied by a s matching 3.0L turbo which produces 230HP. This car has been garage stored and runs excellent.” This is the period in which Japanese car makers equipped the interior of their upmarket cars in the best Velour upholstery this side of a Victorian Parlor, which seems odd in a Sports Car, but that’s the charm of the Japanese. Right now, the top bid for this Supra is $5,351, with an unmet reserve. See the listing, and tell me what this highly desirable Supra will go for, and whether or not you would covet such a beast.

The Nissan 300-ZX is was also a very popular Japanese Sports Car, though some purists deride the fact that the ZX was a rather heavy car, and never stayed true to the “Z” car formula. So what? It sold rather well, and it was still a great looking car. This 300-ZX has the popular “T-Top” package, a 5-speed manual transmission, and instead of Velour like the Supra, the upholstery is Corduroy, how’s that for 1987? The tires are in great shape, there is an aftermarket Pioneer Stereo System installed, and the car looks great having over 127,000 miles on the odometer. The dealer is rather mum when it comes to a description, but there are plenty of photographs, so take a look at the listing. The Buy-it-Now price is $4,599, which is a bit steep for the mileage of this car, but I want to know what you think.

While not as powerful as the Supra, or the 300-ZX, Honda produced a rather lively sports coupe called the Prelude, and the second generation was probably the most popular version of the mark. This looks like it is from Canada, since the odometer is in Kilometers, and only 36,000 Kilometers at that (or about 22,000 miles). Yes, it’s an automatic, and yes there are a few rust spots here and there, but when was the last time you saw a 25 year old Honda Prelude? Most of the rust can be fixed up, and when you do, you have a very low mileage, great on gas, 2-door coupe without all the added weight you get in today’s 2-door Civic. See the listing here, and see if you want to bid on this Prelude, which is currently hovering around $1,025 with NO RESERVE!

Mazda used to produce some very interesting cars, and here is one that you don’t see often, a 1987 Mazda 626 5-door sedan. When was the last time you saw one, and this one seems to be in incredible condition. Look at the original Mazda Wheels, and you can see they are almost perfect.The interior is perfect (well, except for the replacement aftermarket gee-whizz stereo head), and this is a car that has covered 177,000 miles. Add to that is the fact that this is the more desirable 5-door version, and it seems that you guys prefer a hatch over a sedan (Count me out on this score). This is a well preserved vehicles that has not lived in a bubble, but the current bidding is stalled at $610, with an unmet reserve. See the listing here, and tell me if this car is even worth that much.

One of the larger Japanese Cars imported into the states was the Toyota Cressida. This was the Luxury Toyota before the Lexus lineup came to the country two years later. The Cressida was a fully equipped car intended to compete against some of the finer cars then available in Europe and America. Because of the Toyota nameplate, it was never really a threat to the European brands, but this car is the perfect Japanese VIP car with its subtle two-tone gray paint, and tasteful interior. The only drawback is those damnable automatic seat belts, which is easily fixed. This car has only 52,800 miles on its odometer, and is somehow classier than any 1987 Detroit Luxury sedan. There is no opening bid, but the Buy-it-Now pricetag is $7,500, which seems OK. Take a look at the listing, and tell me if you think this is the VIP way to go.

Suzuki was always among the smaller Japanese Manufacturers to import cars and trucks into the country, and one of their most successful vehicles was the diminutive Samauri. They were very successful right up until the Consumer Reports expose about the alleged instability of the vehicle in 1988. Before then, Suzuki dealers were selling boatloads of these things, and they came in two distinct varieties: A two door Soft Top and a two door Tin Top. This is one of those tip top versions. This is a well preserved vehicle, showing a little over 46,000 miles on the odometer. One does not buy a vehicle like this for comfort, but this little Samurai has A/C, 4-Wheel Drive, and the interior still looks smart. There are not a lot of these left in stock condition, and it would make a perfect showcase car at any classic car event, as well as a great little off road vehicle. The trucklette has not generated an opening bid as of yet, which is set at $4,000. See the listing here, and tell me if this is a proper antique truck for you.

And finally we have this little Suzuki sold in the states as the Chevrolet Sprint Turbo. This was the predecessor to the Geo Metro and the Suzuki Swift that sold in greater numbers, but this is an interesting collectible. According to the listing: “This Sprint Turbo is powered by a massive 993 cubic centimeter turbocharged and intercooled 3 cylinder engine. (61 cubic inches) This engine was rebuilt in 2005 about 12,000 miles ago. The motor has L-Jetronic Electronic Fuel Injection. The forward mounted IHI Turbocharger builds boost to a regulated 8.0 psi. The transmission is the stock 5 speed manual. This car regularly delivers more than 40 miles per gallon highway. Car was listed in Car and Driver as having 70 horsepower and 79 lb/ft of torque and weighing 1633 pounds. It is a very light and agile car.” This car currently rides on Honda 13″ Alloy Wheels as the original 12″ wheels were long gone. It has been repainted, has A/C, and an AM FM CD. The seller states: “This car is 1/2″ shorter than a Mini Cooper but weighs over 1700 pounds less.” The current bid is up to $1,625, with an unmet reserve. So, take a look at the listing, and tell me if this Japanese Antique is worth purchasing.

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