Hooniverse Fastback Friday – Which GM Pony Car Suits Your Inner Mullet?

It has been a while since we had a Fastback Friday Posting, and so I thought it was a great time to do a three way Fastback Friday Feature with three General Motors Pony Cars of the 70’s, including a pair of Trans Am Firebirds, and a Camaro Z/28. So, which of these cars would you and your Mullet rock? These are all from Kevco Classic Car Sales in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and this dealer really has some stand out modern day classics. Like this 1975 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. This is a fantastic example of the classic Trans Am shape, and how it evolved in the increasingly emission chocked 70s. This was the first year for the Catalytic Converter, and the year after the final Super Duty engines were offered in the birds. This Bimini Blue Bird was in storage for 15 years, which kept the (repainted) finish fresh and the interior looking new. This car was optioned with an AM/FM radio, Automatic Transmission, and Factory Rally II wheels. Under the hood is the Pontiac 400 CID V-8 rated at 180HP. Asking price for this Blue Bird is $13,950, and you can see the listing right here. Remember, 180HP doesn’t sound like much, but the potential to tune this engine to produce more power is easier then ever, but you may not want an Auto. Then this Firebird might be for you. This is a 1976 Trans Am, with lower mileage than the Blue one above, and itcomes with a four-speed stick. Overall the car is very nice, with the default color of this decade (silver), but there is a wrinkle. The original 455 CID V-8 has been replaced at some point in its life with a 400 CID (no word on whether or not it was the T/A 6.6L, or a regular 6.6L) which may lighten the nose, but does nothing for performance. This car has A/C, but no word about its functionality. Asking price for this Silver Bird is $14,975, and the listing is available for viewing right here. Since the engine has already been replaced, there is no point in trying to keep it original, so if you do take possession of this T/A, go crazy with the modifications. If Pontiac isn’t your thing, then how about this 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28? It is equipped with the original LM1 350-cubic inch small-block V8 powerplant, a 4-speed stick, AM/FM Radio, Alloy Wheels, and the optional T-Tops. This is very well equipped Z/28 and according to the dealer, it is a numbers matching car. Mileage shows only 64,000 Miles, and is bathed in an eye-searing red paint scheme. This is probably the best “Pony Car” in this dealers inventory, and the price reflects that at $16,800. I have to say that none of these prices are cheap, but neither are they “Barrett-Jackson” level. You can see the Z/28 listing here, and tell me if this Chevy is suitable to your inner Mullet?

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