Hooniverse Fastback Friday – A 1969 Ford Torino Cobra

I apologize for the lack of Fords in this weeks postings, but I hope I can make it up with this one. This is a 1969 Ford Torino Cobra, equipped with the 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air motor. This was Fords answer to the wildly popular Plymouth Road Runner, and was intended to compete with that rival on performance, as well as price. Let’s explore this Torino Cobra…

The Torino Cobra was a new offering for 1969, and came standard with a 429-4V CJ V-8, Competition Suspension, a 4-speed floor shifted manual, and larger tires. To make sure no one missed the fact that this car meant business, the trimmings included a blacked out grill, locking hood pins, and its own cartoon character in the form of a Cobra Snake on wheels. To keep the costs down, the cobra used the lesser Fairlane trim level, but who cares, just look at this thing.

All Ram Air equipped 429-4V Cobra Jet models had a functional hood scoop, with 428 Cobra Jet emblems placed on each side of the scoop. This car was ordered with the Bucket Seat and Console Package (of which I have no clue as to what option package that was). Of the modifications performed by the owner of this Cobra, a Hurst Shifter was one of the best. Contemporary road tests of the time found the standard shifter was lacking in feel and precision.

Production Numbers? Ford didn’t break down the Torino Cobra numbers, but the web site Fairlane Registry puts it this way:

Cobras? How many were made. Well from the numbers above you can safely say that less than 58,000. Obviously not all were Cobras. People who have pondered this question generally agree that about 12% were Cobras. This would mean that were 3625 Formal Roof Cobras and 3582 Fastback Cobras or 7200 Total. Using an estimate of 15% that gives us 1080 still on the road. 

That was my original guess; I was wrong. Actual production numbers are just over 14000 Cobras made with most (11000ish) being fastbacks. The Fairlane Cobra Registry currently has documented 650 Cobras. About 4.5% of total, not a lot.

So, once again we have an incredibly rare Ford Fastback. What do you think of this Cobra, and does it make you want to go out and find one of your own? Let me know.

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  1. muthalovin Avatar

    Also on of my favorites. Not your average Joe Blow Camaro or Mustang. I dig.

  2. OA5599 Avatar

    The 429 Cobra Jet is not the engine pictured in this car. This one is a 428 (note the callout on the scoop), which is from the FE engine family. The 429 is related to the 460, and is what you might find under the hood of a 1970 Torino Cobra.
    <img src="http://www.torinoproject.com/images/1970_63H_Torino_GT_Cobra_2D_FB_HT_64.jpg&quot; width=500>

    1. J G Avatar
      J G

      I bought a 1969 cobra in 9-22 1969 Just home from NAM 3.50 rearend 13.98 102.6 quarter VERY FAST for 116 inch car. It was a Q coad, I have a R coad now 4spd not as fast as the auto. HAVE FUNE

  3. gearhead Avatar

    I owned an R-code (ram air) automatic version of this car. with 3.25 gears, it could still manage a 14.10 quarter mile at about 98mph with nothing but carb tuning and a decent exhaust. Not bad for a 3800-pound car.
    Wonder where those numbers came from? They are way too high unless they include Torinos as well. I have some Ford data from about 1970 that break down the cars by powertrain and model: it says there were only about 2500 Fairlane Cobras built over the two-year run. Of those, my R-code automatic was one of about 700.

    1. thomas harrell Avatar
      thomas harrell

      i have 428cj r code auto where the automatic not staggered rear shocks thanks thomas

  4. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Fantastic car, and it puts later Torinos to shame.

  5. Jeremy Wilson Avatar
    Jeremy Wilson

    I’m rather partial to these as you might imagine. I quite like that red.

  6. Smells_Homeless Avatar

    This car demonstrates a classic restoration gaffe. Check out the mounting screws for the windshield wiper motor. The only rusty bits on the whole car.
    Now, while that may seem like a bad thing, it tells me that this car has been done by someone with more effort than money, and I'd rather have a car like that than all of the perfect restos in the world.

  7. BoBo Avatar

    Biggest regret EVER was dumping my 69 cobra. It was all kinds of badass and fear of god(in the form of brake fade) feared grenading the 428 so i put a '70 429 scj in it the ride hieght stock was low enough i got good at fabbing oilpans. great god of hoondom that car went batsh*t sideways with throttle at anyspeed below 70…. this post and me sitting naked in front of the computer she will think it is porn or another woman. (the woman i gave up to be with her….) I miss the smell of burning tires, the rude lope of a nasty big block as you try to leave the light next to the cops without barking the tires.

  8. nathaniel meadows Avatar
    nathaniel meadows

    want to buy a 1969 torino cobra ram air 428 automatic in the floor

  9. dan Avatar

    i have a 1969 ford cobra with the 429 and i was thinking it was put in at a later date thank you for the input dan

  10. dan Avatar

    it is a r code dan

    1. dan Avatar

      yes i thought it was added .the 429 how do i check the moter to see if is original

  11. dan Avatar

    where can i look it up dan

  12. Mark Avatar

    I found a 1969 GT Torino Fastback With all options except for the ram air. It is a numbers matching 428 cj with a automatic. 93000 miles I am the 3 rd owner. This car was in a garage since 1984. Great shape. Did a complete tune up got my 16 year old son in the front seat and smoked the tires for a block! He freaked!! Picked it up for $3,100.00. FYI keep looking there are still some sitting around waiting to be woke up!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mark Avatar

    Oh forgot to mention it is a cobra

  14. John Avatar

    Mark, the Cobra model was not a GT

  15. John Avatar

    I enjoyed seeing my old car again…still looks good