Hooniverse Couldawouldashoulda Weekend – For the Price of a Toyota Highlander You Could Have This Ford Country Sedan!

Welcome to the Sunday Edition of Hooniverse Couldawouldashoulda Weekend, and I hope you are enjoying this feature. OK, so we have peaked your interest with a number of postings on Saturday, so I thought I would take things into a different direction. You may need a wagon of some sort, but there are very few cool ones available, so you start looking at a new class of vehicle called the crossover. The Toyota Highlander was one of the earlier crossover vehicles, but have you priced one out lately? These things start at over $28,000, and you get only the FWD version with a 2.7L Four Cylinder, a 5-speed automatic, and a few other things we have come to expect in new cars. But driving this Camry on stilts is just about as exciting as warmed over oatmeal. For the same amount of money, you could own a real wagon from the 50s in the form of a 1955 Ford Country Sedan. So which would you choose?

Anyone who would choose a Toyota 4-cylinder Highlander is really a person that likes to drive incognito. The driver will be virtually unnoticed as they go about their business. And with only 4-cylinders under the hood of the Highlander, the driving excitement is virtually nonexistent. This is the ultimate in bland transportation, and it really isn’t much of a bargain either.

On the other hand, The 55 Ford with get you thumbs-up from everyone on the street. This car had the famous Ford “Y” block V-8 (the successor to the flathead V-8) and a three speed standard transmission with overdrive. It has a bit more room that the Highlander, and can carry six passengers. The paint is great, and it has almost every option then offered by Ford, though I would install Vintage A/C to keep the cabin cool. According to the listing:

1955 Ford Station Wagon, 65,000 miles, totally rust free, beautiful Buckskin Brown and White paint, excellent original Red and White interior, 272 cu in 162 HP V8, 3-speed w/ overdrive, power steering, tinted glass, wide white wall tires, Deluxe radio, Deluxe heater, full wheel covers, turn signals, windshield washer, back up lights, and curb finders, incredibly nice!

The Highlander is an incredible crossover…. Incredibly Dull that is, as this is the very definition of beige automotive appliances. With the Ford however, you won’t be able to drive without anyone noticing you. Is a 57 year old Station Wagon really a replacement for a modern CUV? Not really, but it is fun to think about it, right? See the Country Sedan Listing here.

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  1. Joe Btfsplk Avatar
    Joe Btfsplk

    As a useful transportation tool, the Highlander is 50 times better than the '50's Ford wagon. Thank goodness, not even Ford makes them like they used to.

  2. tonyola Avatar

    The Highlander? Urg. The Ford poses a problem, though – it's just too damn expensive for a low-line wagon. I can get any number of 1960s wagons in great shape and more amenities for much less money, and they'd make better daily drivers too. Also, while I don't dislike the 1955 Ford it doesn't really turn me on either. For something from the mid-'50s, how about this 1956 Mercury Montclair hardtop with claimed 36K miles for $30,000? Now that's droolworthy.
    <img src="http://assets.hemmings.com/uimage/7731594-700-0.jpg?rev=5&quot; width=400>

    1. Joe Btfsplk Avatar
      Joe Btfsplk

      I just can't see myself brushing the snow off the Merc to go to work or leaving it at the airport or watching the paint bubble as the rust gobbles it up from the inside out. Nice COLLECTOR car though….

      1. tonyola Avatar

        But nearly $30,000 for the Ford puts it into the "collector" category too, even if it really doesn't earn that tag.

  3. Jeremy Wilson Avatar
    Jeremy Wilson

    the wagon doesn’t strike me as much of a commuter. Although I loathe the Highlander it’s probably better transportation.

  4. walter Avatar

    ill take that ford any day!

  5. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Lovely dash on that Ford, but not really the wagon for me. I'm not wild about the Highlander, but it does what it does well, and at least it's not a Land Crusher.

    1. Joe Btfsplk Avatar
      Joe Btfsplk

      I drive a LandCruiser and I hate it…. you can't wear the damn thing out. I'm soooo sick of it.

  6. scoutdude Avatar

    Another easy one the Country Sedan by a mile.

  7. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    The Ford is something I would seriously consider. The green thing doesn't even cross my radar. The thought kinda makes me sad actually.
    Then again, when I was growing up people were still using these big Fords every day, so it just doesn't seem like a big deal. The passage of time hasn't magically made earlier cars any less usable, but it sure seems to have made new people a bit mushier.
    Take a ride in a horse-drawn cargo wagon (not one of them dainty buggies) to re-set your frame of reference on what is "comfortable".

  8. $kaycog Avatar

    I would definitely have the Buckskin Tan '55 Ford wagon. I don't do Toyotas.

  9. BlackIce_GTS Avatar

    "Anyone who would choose a Toyota 4-cylinder Highlander is really a person that likes to drive incognito."
    That's me! Driving a 60ish year old wagon in manequin-fleshtone peach is way to many stoplight and gas pump conversations with people I don't know. If you take away style, which is objectively the only thing the Ford does better, there's not much left to recommend it over they Toyota. Oh, and passenger capacity. I don't care about that either, I'd rather go offroad. As SUVs go, the capability of a FWD I4 Highlander is 'not very', but compared to the Country Sedan it's 'yes, plenty'.
    The Ford's more interesting, because I don't see them every day (or, ever*), but I wouldn't want to own one.
    *I can't remember ever seeing a Highlander either, but that's because seeing a Highlander is not something worth remembering.

  10. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    While I'd rather hang myself in a windowless garden shed than purchase a Highlander with my own money for daily-driving duty, the wagon's asking price is a bit uncomfortably high. Still, it's the classier choice, if not quite as practical.

  11. grinder74 Avatar

    Ford Flex…Best of both worlds at a similar price with optional AWD and Ecoboost