Hooniverse Classic Trucks Weekend – Unimogs For Sale From All Over The Globe

This is the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Classic Trucks Weekend. Borrowing liberally from the posting Mitch did about a Unimog in Alberta, I thought I would do one of my classic postings with a Poll. The last time I did this was with a grouping of Neoclassics, and we know how that turned out. So without further interruptions, here are several Mercedes-Benz Unimogs that are for sale from around the globe.

While not necessarily a classic truck, this is still a very capable Unimog, and it’s for sale right here in Connecticut. It is a 2006 Unimog U1200, with only 8,000 miles on the clock. The seller describes theunit as like new, and includes a Dump Body, Snow Plow, Snow Blower, Sander unit, and Liquid Displacement Units to spread Calcium Chloride. (And you thought Rock Salt ate away at your cars sheet metal…)

Asking price for this very new Unimog and all the Attachments is $139,500, which is really quite reasonable considering all the equipment. Take a look at the listing here, and tell me you wouldn’t want this thing.

Here is a 1986 Unimog 424, and it hails from Sittensen, Germany. According to the seller, this truck is equipped with differential lock front and rear axle, central differential lock, roof hatch, co-driver’s seat double seat, 2-lines trailer brakes, 24 V trailer plug socket, hydraulic connection for trailer, 85 liters fuel tank, “Hiab” crane behind cabin, and a 3 side tipping body.

Price is unknown, but what would pay for something like this, with a crane that can be used for just about anything. Take a look at the listing here, and tell me what you think of this very capable Unimog.

Here is a 1990 Unimog U1200, located in Lancashire/North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The seller describes it as very original U1200 agricultural spec in good condition all round. Last owner had it for 9 years. Rear PTO, 3 point linkage and three way tipping body. Brakes overhauled. Drives well and in good working order. Offers very good value for money.

Asking price is £15,000 or $23,195 in US Dollars. Actually, that’s a very good price for a very capable machine, but I want to know what you think. See the listing here, and maybe you will find yourself dreaming of owning it.

In what possibly has to be the motherload of Unimogs, a dealer in Doncaster, United Kingdom has a grouping of both passenger carrying and ambulance versions of the “Mog”. All are 1988, and according to the dealer, there are 30 Ambulance versions available, and 10 passenger versions with the soft top available.

Pricing is unknown, and they range around 15,000 to 60,000 Kilometers. They all have 8 forward Gears, 2 Reverse, Air over Hydraulic Brakes, and 130HP 6-Cylinder Diesel Engines. You could equip your own army with Unimogs, if you were so inclined. See the listing for the Ambulance here, the Hard Side Passenger Version here, and the Soft Side Passenger Version here. Tell me you really don’t want these…

Here is a 1995 Unimog U1400 located in Herbsleben, Germany. This truck has 278,000 Km on the clock, a 133 HP Diesel Engine, 4WD, trailer hitch, crane, 3-way tipper body, front PTO (Power Take Off), with a Schmidt VKS-H Sweeper attached to the front end. First registered in 11/1995, and probably owned by a local municipality.

Asking price is €24,500, or aroud $30,629 US. This is a very capable Unimog, but is it worth the Euros? Take a look at the listing, and you tell me whether a trip to Germany is in order.

Here is an unusual Unimog. This is a 1993 Unimog U1600, and I believe it is fitted with a gigantic motor in the rear to be used as the mother of all Snow Blowers. The Mog is powered by a 156hp 6-Cylinder Mercedes Turbo Diesel, but in the rear compartment lies a 325hp Cummins LTA10-C Diesel (Produced by Kawasaki!!!). There is a front attachment, but damned if I can figure it out…

Asking price is $39,500, which is not all that unreasonable, given you have 2 engines, and whatever that this is for the front. Take a look at the listing, and see if you want to travel to Wisconsin to see this thing.

Here is a 1996 Unimog U1700 with an Altec TA41D insulated boom, used for electrical line work. This particular truck is located in Fintown, Ireland, and the seller states that this truck has been fully refurbished, has an on board inflation kit, can reach 14 metre heigh, has been dia-electric tested, LOLR tested, and CR7 tested. Knowing what little I do about Electrical work, my guess is that the trucks have to pass these tests before that can work around high voltage wires.

Asking price is €35,000, or $43,756 in US dollars. It is left hand drive (Unusual for Ireland) so it could be put to good use here in the states. See the listing, and tell me if this is the Mog of your dreams.

The last Unimog is this 2003 Unimog U500 from Frederick, Maryland. It sports 42,700 miles, and looks practically brand new. There is very little information on the listing, except that the asking price is $98,500. See the listing here, and tell me if the owner really wants to sell it…

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