Hooniverse Classic Truck Weekend – A 1930 REO Speed Wagon Moonshine Hauler

Welcome to the continuation of the Hooniverse Classic Truck Weekend, and here we have a 1930 Red Speed Wagon, with a listing that states that this is a Moonshine Hauler. Take a more detailed look at this remarkable truck after the jump…

According to Wikipedia:

The REO Speed Wagon was a light motor truck manufactured by REO Motor Car Company. First introduced in 1915, production continued through at least 1953 and led to REO being one of the better known manufacturers of commercial vehicles prior to World War II. Although the basic design and styling of the chassis remained consistent, the Speed Wagon was manufactured in a variety of configurations (pickup and panel truck, passenger bus) to serve as delivery, tow, dump, and fire trucks as well as hearses and ambulances. Other manufacturers provided refits for adapting the Speed Wagon for specialized purposes. The Speed Wagon used REO’s “Gold Crown” series of engines and was well regarded for power, durability, and quality.

While REO produced some wagons based on its automobile chassis (the Model H) starting in 1908 and had organized a division to produce trucks in 1910 with success, the Speed Wagon’s introduction in 1915 was a significant step and a sales success. The company was soon offering a variety of Speed Wagon models with many options and by 1925 had produced 125,000.

After years of roughly equal car and truck emphasis, REO shifted its focus completely to trucks, ending automobile production in 1936. Production for the civilian market was suspended during World War II, resuming in 1946.
The rock and roll band REO Speedwagon took its name from this vehicle. Founding band member Neal Doughty recalls seeing the name written on the board in his History of Transportation class at the University of Illinois and later suggesting it to his band mates.

This truck is a 1930 version, and has a custom wood flatbed that looks brand new. There is very little information about this truck in the listing, so just enjoy the pretty pictures. What is strange is that there is no asking price either. Hmmm, I guess I’m going to have to make a trip to Rehoboth, Massachusetts to see it in person. Why not take a look at the listing for yourself, and tell me what you think of this truck…

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