Hooniverse Classic Toyota Weekend – Now this is how you sell a car on eBay; A 1974 Celica GT Coupe

Are you going to list your ride on eBay soon? Take note…. This is the way to sell a car on the site. This is a 1974 Celica GT Coupe, slightly modified, but still vary crave worthy. The photography just takes it up to another level altogether. See if you agree with me.

This Celica really hits all the right buttons as far as a true nostalgic Japanese vehicle. It has been slightly tweaked, but none of the modifications are over the top. No stickers, nothing that screams “Hella Flush”, no outlandish graphics, even the rims are quite tasteful. The modifications are simple and pure: Engine mods that are not extreme, JDM styled mirrors, USDM bumpers eliminated, a tasteful fiberglass ducktail spoiler, a modern (and hidden) stereo tuner, and more.

But what makes this car shine is the photography by Dylan Leff. This is magazine grade photography, and the car could sell just on the photography alone. According to the listing:

This is a true 1974 Celica GT with 108,000 miles on the original driveline. It is currently my daily driver and runs excellently. There is absolutely not a spot of rust anywhere on the car. The car is 95% complete, as it is only missing a shift boot and rear seat belts. The car has undergone some subtle appearance changes. I bought it in Utah, and drove it 750 miles home to CA without any problems, and more recently, drove it from Temecula to San Francisco and back (980 miles), again, without a single issue. The car got an incredible 41 MPG during the trip. 

The front end has been converted to look like a 71-72 using the longer hood flutes and smaller turn signals. The bumper studs have been shaved, and the bumpers have been rechromed. Front and rear sidemarkers have been shaved as well. The car is currently registered and has a clean CA title.

The car will come with a ton of parts that I have collected, as well as a partial 20/22R hybrid engine. You will get the rare mid-sump oil pan and pickup, as well as a 20R cylinder head and linkage. It also comes with two 40mm Weber DCOE sidedraft carburetors, which is arguably the best dual-carb setup for this build. Several NOS oil filters, an ignition switch, and rear brake cylinders are also included. I have already registered and paid for a spot at Toyotafest 2011 on May 14th in Long Beach, CA.

The Celica has been featured on numerous websites, and will have a four-page feature in the next issue of Kyusha-Jin (Classic Car Life) Magazine in Japan.

Engine: Stock 18R-C with a brand new cylinder head (3k miles on the new head)
Transmission: W50 5-speed manual
Brakes: Stock (comes with an extra set of front pads and rear drums.)
Wheels: Extremely rare set of Advan A3Ds in 13×8 with a -8 offset.
Tires: Sumitomo 185/60/13
Suspension: Tokico HTS short stroke AE86 adjustable shocks with shortened front strut housings. Front springs are RA65 Celica Eibach springs and the rears are from a Daihatsu Charade (soft and short).
Interior: Stock appearance black leather with original Celica emblems stitched on the back of the headrests, black dashboard with NO cracks. All gauges and lights work. Air conditioning and heater work perfectly.
Other Parts: NOS adjustable fender mirrors, Pioneer CD/AUX headunit installed in the glovebox, along with two pioneer 4×6 speakers in the rear parcel shelf (stock location and appearance), Yellow Mercedes fog lights, Fiberglass front lip, Fiberglass rear spoiler, Stock 1980 Celica muffler with all new piping and hangers(very quiet).

The only flaw I have noticed is that there is some body filler on the right rear fender, that has developed a small crack (about 2 inches) since being painted. Other than that, the body is in excellent shape.

Top bid for this Celica is $8,000 with No Reserve. Do you think this car is worth that? Obviously someone does, as it will go to a new owner. See this beautiful listing here.

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15 responses to “Hooniverse Classic Toyota Weekend – Now this is how you sell a car on eBay; A 1974 Celica GT Coupe”

  1. dolo54 Avatar

    that's a fine machine. I'd be a little concerned about any 'body filler' and soft rear springs with hard shocks (adjustable, but tokicos have always seemed way too hard to me). but obviously the owner has taste. love the wheels. excellent choice.

  2. tonyola Avatar

    I wish the seller had been a little less enthusiastic with the customizing. I'd leave off the front pebble-scraper spoiler as well as the rear lip. Also, I don't care if those fender mirrors were once JDM-required – they still look odd and wonky. And what's this about cracking filler?

  3. ptschett Avatar

    I've never seen one of these in real life, but I kinda dig it. The last time I was interested in a Toyota was when I was in 9th grade and one of the upperclassmen had a late-80's Supra.
    The body filler scares me a little, I was raised to believe it was a sin to use anything other than lead; also I would be worried about the car's stability with that spring combination.

    1. facelvega Avatar

      Yeah, I was totally on board even at the asking price until the line about the filler. Even so, with a good inspection it may well still be worth it.

  4. Joe Dunlap Avatar
    Joe Dunlap

    8K for a red car with an obviously original green engine bay?? Bondo in the rear fender? I dont care how many spare parts it comes with, I call crack pipe!

  5. spacecowboyian Avatar

    Agree with Joe. Great photography but the price is a bit out of hand. I hope it comes with some large framed prints of those photos because that's all the buyer will have to remember it by once they find all the rust that lies beneath just lying in wait to swallow the car whole. This car was restored by a pretty well known flipper of Celicas who does know his stuff but the body fillter/duct tape on the left of the muffler in the close up shot is the sign of a basket case in waiting. It's good to go at about $5000 I'd say but at that price I'm smelling the stink of the pipe.. but from the buyer.. not the seller.
    I'm not just out to flame here, I know the pain of mid-70s Celica rot all too well.

    1. scoutdude Avatar

      The tape on the dash covering the crack(s) and the poor job of painting the previously brown interior parts black really makes one wonder why that and the shot of the duct taped rear valance are included. Unless of course those are the parts that look the best close up. I'd say the paint is pretty flat too, a very likely reason for the flashy night pics.

  6. scoutdude Avatar

    Of course it has bondo in it, how else do you think they would have shaved the marker lights?

  7. blueplate Avatar

    There isn't much more I can add to the commentary about how incredibly good the photography is– show me one car, just one, in the latest issues of MT, Automobile, R&T, C&D, or AutoWeek with photography that compelling. That said, there was a lot of good discussion about the merits of the car vs. the merits of the photography over at Bring A Trailer. The seller neglected to mention the black electrical tape on the instrument panel which is rendered in beautiful, ultrafine megapixel detail. I could do without the red tape on the license plate myself. A desirable car.

  8. BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ Avatar

    The Photgrapher makes it look like the barn find of the decade, but it's not all that. Still looks like a fine car, the price not so much.

  9. Buickboy92 Avatar

    I'm usually not a fan, but I NEED THIS CAR!

  10. muthalovin Avatar

    This is how you sell a car. Who cares about what is stock and not? You sell the sizzle, and the seller has got that down. Damn, that is some good photography.

  11. SG Hawk Avatar
    SG Hawk

    The mirrors are different in the last photo. And it looks alot better because of it…

  12. Somatic Avatar

    Did the car sell?

  13. Stock Cash Services Avatar
    Stock Cash Services

    The seller neglected to mention the black electrical tape on the instrument panel which is rendered in beautiful, ultrafine megapixel detail. Any Ways Nice Post , Amazing Car…… Keep Posting;