Hooniverse Classic Toyota Weekend – A 1985 Toyota MR2

The Toyota MR2 is one of those cars that lights the auto enthusiasts hearts afire. This was a car that Toyota got right on the very first try. It was sporty, handled well, kinda attractive, and fairly cheap to purchase and own. While it may have not been as reliable as a Toyota, it was certainly more reliable than a comparable Pontiac Fiero, or Fiat X1/9.

This is a low mileage MR2, and according to the listing:

1985 MR2 TOYOTA, one owner,66759 millage,original paint,red exterior,red and black interior,everything works,no mechanical problems,removable sun roof-complete-interior and exterior,power windows,good air,owners manuel and guide,very good tires. Exceptionally clean- garage kept, 1 small dent (about quarter size) under left headlight in gravel shield, TOYOTA decal has cracks from aging,a little wear on the driver’s seat back; driver side floor mat is worn.

So what would you give to have a first generation MR2? The current bid is $3,550, but the Buy-it-Now price is $8,500! A little more than a day is left on the bidding. Will this little mid-engined wonder sell this time out? Would you want to own your own MR2? What do you think of this weekend? Express your thoughts here, and stay tuned for more postings like this. (See the eBay Listing Here)

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  1. tonyola Avatar

    I knew the MR2 was coming when I was shopping for a sporty new small car in the end of '83. The magazines had been featuring pictures and info about a near-production concept that Toyota had shown at the Tokyo show. I was tempted to wait until production, but I ended up buying a CRX. However, a coworker ended up buying a new, red 1985 MR2 like this one, and I had a chance to try it out. Sweet car – the only real downside was a lack of cargo room compared to the CRX, so it wasn't very practical as an only car.
    $8,500 is too much, particularly for a normally-aspirated early car. That much money could buy a clean second-gen MR2 Turbo in all its spinning glory. Wheeee!

    1. OA5599 Avatar

      It's presently at $6500 with 8 hours to go. I think even that's too much money, but apparently the high bidder disagrees.

    2. Froggmann_ Avatar

      I don't know, if you were inventive you could make it work. For a while my father's 88 SC MR2 saw DD/Plumbing truck duty for at least 4 years.

      1. tonyola Avatar

        But I was a fulltime musician in the late '80s and early '90s, and I had to carry around a couple of keyboards along with amps, stands, effects racks, and other gear. Carting the stuff around was doable (barely) in a CRX, but it would have been impossible in a Mister Two.

  2. facelvega Avatar

    A nice solid choice at $4000. At $6,500, there are dozens of more interesting options out there.

  3. highmileage_v1 Avatar

    I had an '86 and it was a fun vehicle. A little understeer at the limit and it really didn't like -35C weather, but otherwise excellent. A blown '87 would be fun as well.
    I would have kept it (plus my '82 Katana) but insurance costs forced a sale.

  4. gooseboy78 Avatar

    i used to own one and hated it, no thanks to its miniscule fuel tank yes folks 30 litres after 2 hours of driving you would have to refill and ghastly boot space as most of the room was taken by the space saving tyre im average hieght and i still had to wind the seat all the way back and lean it as far as it would go thanks to my dodgy back. and still wasnt comftable

  5. sparky II Avatar
    sparky II

    I had this exact same year MR2, only in metallic blue. I loved it, one of the most solid and sorted-out rides I've ever had the pleasure to own. The definition of a neutral-handling car, and the 4AGE would rev its little guts out for you and still give you an honest 35-40 MPG highway. A bit short on storage, but then again, I took it on a two-week solo camping trip and had everything with me that I wanted. (Who buys a two-seater for storage, anyway?)
    I foolishly traded it for a floor refinish on the new house my then-wife and I bought (some part of my brain didn't think it was practical… stupid, stupid, stupid). Ex-house and ex-wife, good riddance, but I still wish I had that MR2!
    The specimen in question is without a doubt quite overpriced, but if you gotta have one, it wouldn't be the worst way to spend your $$$.

  6. MattC Avatar

    I like the 1st gen, but love the 2nd gen MR2 better. Why? because to me, the second gen MR2 looked like a 7/8th Ferrari with the reliability of a Toyota. (similiar to the 1988 Fiero GT without the rear wing). The buy -it-now price of $8500 seems steep but the car seems pretty well sorted.

  7. Flipper Avatar

    I still miss my 87 FX-16. It also shared the 4AGE. The most fun engine I've had in a car.

  8. chrystlubitshi Avatar

    i have a soft-spot for the '84/'85 mr2… because i knew an owner who had a soft-spot for me… ummm… yeah… other than that.. i prefer the rounder/later MR2s… (not the MRs spyder so much… but i do respect it as being one of the last mid-engined ACTUALLY affordable sports car…)..

  9. muthalovin Avatar

    It's not that clean, and the price is a bit high. I would much rather have a 2nd gen turbo. The MR2 is probably my favorite Toyota, especially considering the $35K Supra's I see.