Hooniverse at the Detroit Auto Show – Well, Not Really, Kinda, Sorta…..

The North American International Auto Show opens next week (January 11th) and it will be covered by two illustrious Hooniverians, except that they will be covering the event for (Redacted). Want to know who will be there, and better yet, take an unvarnished look at what they look like? All will be revealed after the jump.

Yours Truly. Yes I have that much gray hair, and that's my Chevy Van behind me.
Yes, I will be there, but I will be covering the show for CarDomain.com. It seems that Rob Einaudi liked my work at SEMA that he had extended an invitation for me to help cover what is the premiere event in the States. However, that does not mean that I won’t do a few postings for Hooniverse, quite the contrary. If I find something that is quite interesting to the readers at Hooniverse, be assured that I will be posting it. While I won’t be able to do 20 postings a day like our friends at Jalopnik or Autoblog, what I do post will be just as entertaining.
Dustin, in front of a main engine from the Space Shuttle. Just the thing for an engineering Hoon!
As an extra added benefit, there will be another honored member of the Hooniverse attending, Dustin May, or as you may know him as engineerd. I was the one who forwarded Dustin’s name to Rob as a possible videographer for CarDomain and Streetfire at the show, as he was local to the area. With his keen mind and sharp intellect, we should have some great content available starting Sunday the 10th (with some pre-coverage), right up through the 13th. We will also have a strong perspective on the show with CarDomain columnist Katherine Helmetag, who knows the inner workings of the Detroit Based Auto Producers. Katherine works for a key supplier to all the automakers within the US, and she is a regular inside the VW Vortex. This should be a great show, with the sort of slanted and warped viewpoints from UDMan, engineerd, and of course, all of you!

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