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Hooniverse Asks: What’s a car part you want but do not need?

Sometimes a thing pops in my head and I can’t get it out of there until I do something about it. Recently, that thing was the idea of having Marchal headlights or driving lights on one of my vehicles. This would be for the Jag, as I love the idea of yellow inner lamps against the black car. The thing about this… I already made the car look that way. But I did it with regular-ass yellow lamps without a fancy cat logo on them. But I want the cat logo. I do not need it, but I want it.

This is stupid. I am fully aware of that. I get it and I know there are far better ways to spend my money. Especially since the price above is for an individual lamp, not for the pair. Plus, these would be shipped from Japan, which adds another $50 or so to the price. Totally dumb.

…but then I found them listed for sale on a site that sells motorcycle parts instead of car parts for about half the price. So, here’s hoping I didn’t just give my credit card to a scam site and I indeed have cat-faced lamps being air-freighted to my door.

Either way, I’m a fool. And money has been parted.

What’s a car part you want but do not need?

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19 responses to “Hooniverse Asks: What’s a car part you want but do not need?”

  1. Eric Avatar

    Front and rear aftermarket bumpers for my XJ. For my usage, the stock bumpers work fine. I just want to change the look up, but man, the prices can be crazy. Then you also have the long lead times

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar

      Which bumpers you looking at?

      1. Eric Avatar

        JCR or Dirtbound non-winch front bumpers. For the rear, I’m not sure if I want one with a tire carrier. For a tire carrier one, I like offerings from RockHard 4×4 and Hanson.

        1. OA5599 Avatar

          Hahaha. Jeff is already in that phase of Jaguar ownership that when someone mentions an XJ, he totally forgets about Jeeps. His ears perked up because he thought there might be a solution to the chunky federal units on his Anglo-American machine.

          1. Eric Avatar

            That didn’t cross my mind till you just brought it up lol.

          2. Jeff Glucker Avatar
            Jeff Glucker

            No, I laughed at that thought – but I knew he meant Jeep. I don’t mind my mega-ass bumpers on my Jag.

        2. Jeff Glucker Avatar
          Jeff Glucker

          Nice – Yeah I am thinking about getting that Harbor Freight winch. Everyone who has experience with it says it is great for the money. Want to hide it under the nose of my Montero, tucked behind the skid plate.

          1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
            Jeff Glucker
  2. OA5599 Avatar


  3. mdharrell Avatar

    I want but regrettably do not need a Crofton Bug speedometer.

    1. Sjalameter Avatar

      “Out of warranty” for excessive speeds…absolutely lovely!

  4. Batshitbox Avatar

    Eaton electric locking differential for the Econoline 250.

    Do I need a differential? Yes; lifting off the throttle on a sweeping right turn elicits a banshee howl that can frighten bobcats at 300 yards.
    Do I need an electric locking diff? Prolly not. When my van loses grip it’s mostly a combination of skinny tires at 70 psi and a half ton suspension with about 4 inches of articulation. Uphill switchbacks are a killer.
    I want to be able to hit one of those big red missile launcher switches with the flip open cover and lock up the pumpkin just long enough to get out of trouble.

    (Before you tell me to get a limited slip diff you need to have a part number for one that will “bolt right in” to a 1991 Ford.)

    1. james zalanka Avatar
      james zalanka

      so, the LSD you need is for what, a ford 8.8″ differential???? you could spend six hundered dollars at jegs for a truetrac 8.8″ torsen high bias diff, p/n 912A562; but you aren’t street racing you 3/4 ton van so,,,,, you can go the the used parts emporium and get a traction lock out of a 89~97 thunderbird that usually comes with 3.27 gears. you really don’t want to go thru life, let alone a snow bank covered ditch with a peg leg rear axle. I run this truetrac in my old lincoln and I NEVER TURN THE TRACTION CONTROL OFF….
      but wait, a 9.75 axle more likely, hmmm? like a dana 60?? truetrac 915A387 for a few dollars more, that would fix your wagon… Eaton makes a nice electric locker for it. plenty of case room. you really don’t want the cost from jegs now do you??

      1. Batshitbox Avatar

        Now, see… shit. Those are actually cheaper than the electric lockers.

        Why it didn’t occur to me that maybe Eaton made BOTH kinds, I can’t say. I’m usually pretty drunk when I start thinking of modding the Econoline (instead of just fixing all the current problems.)

        I’ll be in the driveway counting my axle splines.

        1. wunno sev Avatar
          wunno sev

          my buddy got a Nardi wheel for his Miata. absolutely unnecessary but I want one for my Mercedes now.

  5. Mcrackin17 Avatar

    Light pods that shine into the ditch when driving on back roads. Living in Northern Minnesota it stays dark longer in the winter. Having a little bit of extra light in the ditches to help spot deer would be a nice. Sure I don’t NEED them, but they wouldn’t hurt to have.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Ditch lights would be great for your scenario. GET THEM! LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

  6. Lokki Avatar

    I am toying with (but really just daydreaming about) the idea of a lightened clutch assembly for the Alfa. Old Alfas use synchros like those used in vintage Porsches, but the cars are infamous for 2nd gear synchro wear. My car is currently fine, but still, one never speed-shifts an old Alfa. You cup your palm on the shift knob and give gentlemanly guidance towards the next gear – in the same manner and with the same amount of force that you use when leading a lady around the dance floor. Lightened gears in the transmission help considerably, but are expen$ive. $eriously expen$ive. However one shop offers a “Aluminum-Center High-Temp Woven Lining for street or track — very light & relineable, smooth non-grabby engagement” and insists that it is “The best performance improvement for the dollar!” Frankly though I haven’t had the nerve to find out what it would cost for parts, let alone installation. It’d be almost totally pointless, as quicker-shifting or not, 140 HP is going to beat anybody (MDHarrell doesn’t count) even in a 2200 lb car. It would just be for my peasure, assuming that it would even be noticeable in light duty street cruising use.

    And still, I wants it.

  7. Salguod Avatar

    A Coyote V8 to drop into the Thunderbird.