Hooniverse Asks: What do YOU hope the new Acura Integra looks like?

Way back in Aught Dickety (1985) the Acura Integra arrived in the United States to usher in a premium marque above the Honda brand. It first appeared as a three-door hatch but soon a five-door version was offered. Power was delivered via a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that boasted the marvel of dual-overhead cams. Not a marvel really, but still impressive in an otherwise simple vehicle. Fast forward to 2021, and Acura is on the precipice of reviving the Integra name for the modern-day. And speculation points to a fresh take on the five-door hatch bodystyle.

We do know it will have a manual gearbox too. Here’s to hoping it’s a blend of the best bits of the newest Honda Civic Si and the upcoming Civic Type R. Though I also hope there’s room in the Acura lineup for a full-on Integra Type R that pushes above and beyond what the Civic can do.

But what do you hope is happening with the soon-to-be-revealed Acura Integra?

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5 responses to “Hooniverse Asks: What do YOU hope the new Acura Integra looks like?”

  1. mdharrell Avatar

    What do I want? I want them to go full-on Mitsuoka Le-Seyde. I do, however, anticipate disappointment on that front.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      I need horns like that on my Montero…

    2. Salguod Avatar

      I’m trying to figure out what that’s based on. Mitsuokas are typically Nissan based, right? 240sx?

  2. OA5599 Avatar

    I want it to have an intentionally rusted hood and a doorful of stickers. Even if it comes out as an EV, it needs to have VTEC.

  3. Zentropy Avatar

    Ideally, I’d want it to look like a ’52 Pontiac, but given the FWD architecture I’m not in the market regardless.

    I will say that Acura styling has improved significantly in recent years. The beak-like grilles have been tamed-down considerably, and the proportions aren’t quite as dictated by the transverse engine and transaxle setup. The TLX Type S is almost pretty.