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Hooniverse Asks: What are your project car resolutions for 2019?

A new year brings new hope. Hope that your project car fires up and moves under its own power. That’s my hope, at least. My Mercedes-Benz wagon is in the shop and plans are in place. Still, this is a long road and I know not to get my hopes up just yet. Complications can and will arise. But I am still smiling as I think that 2019 will be the year that the Wombat finally roars to life. I can once again turn the key and then drive my wagon. This time though, it will roll down the road packing LS3-provided horsepower.

The goal for this to happen is sometime this spring. Whatever the actual date on the calendar, my project car resolution for 2019 is to drive that damn thing.

What’s your project car resolution for 2019?

Maybe it’s time to clean up some of that rust. Your exhaust could use a little love. Those tires are tired and worn, and you may as well throw on some new wheels. You like listening to your music, so an easy project car upgrade is a new stereo system.

Regardless of your final goals, the biggest thing you can do is anything. Pick up a wrench. Find that 10mm socket. Set to work on one thing, and that will serve as a singular item removed from the project car checklist. Completing one task will make you feel better about the entire endeavor. You don’t need to turn an immobile bit of lawn art into a pristine driver, but focusing on one task and finishing it should be a goal for the new year.

One focal point can have a domino effect on the whole adventure. If you can knock out just one project car task, then you’ve made progress in 2019. What do you want to do? Sound off in the comments below.

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