Hooniverse Asks: If you had to have one song on repeat for a road trip, which would you pick?

You sit down in your car. The seatbelt is latched and you turn the ignition. There’s a destination waiting for you and the road ahead beckons. But there’s a problem, or not depending on your outlook. The audio system in the car is malfunctioning. It can only play one song, over and over. You can’t turn it off, only change the volume up and down and you cannot change the track. The road waits for no one so you set off.

What song is playing that makes you think “This is going to be a good trip…”

This is a weird question but I find myself going down a musical rabbit hole this morning. Wandering into some 90’s nostalgia and transitioning over to older stuff, I’m not sure my mind is made up yet. I vacillate between two songs:


What song are you hoping is stuck on play for your road trip?

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22 responses to “Hooniverse Asks: If you had to have one song on repeat for a road trip, which would you pick?”

  1. mdharrell Avatar


    1. GTXcellent Avatar

      But who’s your favorite performer? I’m kind of partial to Frank Zappa’s version, although that performance by the cat on Colbert was spot on.

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        Hard to say. The DJ has never announced that on any of my blanking plates.

    2. onrails Avatar

      Had to look that one up. That’s… different.

      1. Maymar Avatar

        There’s more to it, but basically it’s supposed to be an appreciation of ambient noise.

  2. GTXcellent Avatar

    Weirdly, I can -and have- just listened to the same song on repeat. And I’ve done it more than once. Stones “Loving Cup”, Van Morrison’s “St Dominic’s Preview” and just a few weeks ago, coming back from the cabin, for 2 hours I only played this:

  3. Maymar Avatar

    Not quite the question, but I had a borrowed CD get stuck in an old car (Luke Doucet, a Canadian indie folk artist), it had a cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s Sundown I liked enough that I’d typically switch to it whenever I got sick of whatever was on terrestrial radio.

    That said, just one song on endless repeat? I’d skew towards something longer, maybe a little more ambient. I’m sure I could come up with better examples, but at over 22 minutes long (and thematically really relevant for road tripping), Autobahn by Kraftwerk would work nicely.

  4. fede Avatar

  5. Batshitbox Avatar

    “Audio system”?

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      “The audio system in the car is malfunctioning.”

      From context I infer it to mean “powertrain.”

      1. Batshitbox Avatar


  6. Sjalabais Avatar

    Funny, like many others, I, too have been listening to some stuff on repeat. To get the correct vibe for the Centennial, I burned myself a Korean songs CD. These are nr. 1 and nr. 2 and I have been listening to these over and over. This is Lim Kim, who has a lot of crap on YouTube, but this particular one is so powerful and delightful to listen to while driving in pristine landscapes.

    …and this ADG7, who describe themselves as Korean shamanic punk, whatever that means. Fantastic song, even better dancing.

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      My 15 year old son got a kick out of the dancing by the guy in red. Maybe not “fantastic” in my book, but certainly entertaining.

  7. Zentropy Avatar

    I can listen to 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 on repeat all day. Oh, and 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 is a good one, too.

    As long as there’s a V8 under the hood and twin pipes out back, I don’t need tunes.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      Thanks to my first car I have a sentimental fondness for 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2.

  8. neight428 Avatar

    I was forced against my will to listen to “Bop” by Dan Seals during my childhood on a trip across substantially all of Texas. So, not that.

  9. alex Avatar

    Riders in the storm.

    The Doors.

    The end.

  10. dr zero Avatar
    dr zero

    I’ll just cheat and go with “Microphones in 2020” by the Microphones. 40+ min song and is basically an autobiography of Phil’s life in song form.


  11. 0A5599 Avatar

    How long is the trip?

  12. Tiberiuswise Avatar

    Beethoven’s 9th. Because I’m so classy.

  13. crank_case Avatar

  14. crank_case Avatar

    Simply because it’s one of the few songs I could listen to on endless repeat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZI-FTcFtn8&ab_channel=4AD