Hoonigan is building a donk and the series has been fun to watch

Hoonigan has a new build series and no, it does not feature some wild custom rally machine, a drift monster, or an ambitious goal that won’t be met. This time, Hoonigan bought a clapped-out 1971 Chevrolet Caprice and plans to turn it into a blown Donk. The Hoons from up the road have partnered with eBay Motors on this build, which means it’s (almost) all being sourced through that virtual marketplace. And ten episodes later this Donk is coming together nicely.

Beyond simply fitting massive wheels to the Caprice, the entire thing is getting a hefty overhaul. The frame has been strengthened. A massive blower sits atop a fresh engine. Out back, a Ford 9″ rear end is going in to handle the potentially massive power being dealt. And a roll cage is being installed so the whole thing doesn’t twist in half the moment the throttle is matted.

This build has been quite entertaining because of the different skill levels involved in those participating. Some can weld while others are just learning. A few really know how to bend, wrench, and cut, and the other team members are taking orders and figuring it out. It very much feels like a group of friends coming together to make something fun.

Here’s the full playlist right now:

Give it a watch. This is quality Youtube right here.

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