goodwood members meeting

Here are some great overtakes from the 79th Goodwood Member’s Meeting

There are a handful of events every year that wear the Goodwood tag. You have the Festival of Speed, which I’ve attended and loved. There’s the Revival, which anyone who’s been will say is the best. But the really amazing event held at Goodwood seems to be the Member’s Meeting. It has a smaller crowd but the racing action always seems to be more focused. To that end, the Goodwood YouTube channel just posted a video highlighting 11 of the best overtakes at its 2022 Member’s Meeting event.

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One response to “Here are some great overtakes from the 79th Goodwood Member’s Meeting”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    One day, one day… Good point the member’s meeting seems to be a decent alternative for the Revival, which gives another option for timing.