HCOTY Nominee: Reader Submission Volume 2 – The Uberbird

Call it what you want, but yes – we are posting a car of our own creation here for nomination. However, this wasn’t our idea really – it was yours. Numerous comments and a few emails suggesting our LeMons racer can no longer go unheeded… So I submit our beloved Uberbird for consideration as a 2009 Hooniverse Car of the Year.
Hop over to the other side to hear Bentoboxx’s email request for inclusion of this vehicle and a few gratuitous images.

This picture makes me tingly in my race suit…

I nominate the Uberbird! It so defines 2009. Found in a yard, brought to life by one guy who knows what he’s doing and 3 guys who don’t. It would be down, but never out. 2009 threw everything it could at it but it sits now blue and ready to race……In January it was destined to be crushed or have tomatoes growing outta of the dirty underwear in the trunk. Obviously…Uberbird is a Phoenix…rising from the ashes to lead a new more exciting life than it ever did selling insurance for Rex Threat! If any car epitomises 2009, its this one!

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