Hagerty 2019 Bull Market

Hagerty is bullish on these 10 vehicles for 2019

The collector car game is filled with moving targets. If you want to turn current cars into future old, you need to be looking ahead. Figuring out which machines will capture the hearts, minds, and dollars of future buyers. Hagerty plays this game all the time, and the insurance provider has put out a list of its top ten collector car buys for 2019.

Is Hagerty right to be bullish on these rides, or do you think some is this is bullsh-… er, lets dive into the cars!

First up, we have a gorgeous bit of BMW history. The 1972 to 1975 BMW 3.0CSL is a must buy. This one really isn’t a surprise though, as the E9-era cars have been on the automotive enthusiast radar for years now. New Six Coupes are a vehicular vision to behold no matter which engine powers the car. Hagerty, however, is quick to point out that it’s the more rare CSL that should be scooped up right quick.

Any time you append the words Homologation Special to any vehicle, it instantly becomes a personal favorite of mine. With the 3.0CSL, BMW used thinner steel for the body, removed any soundproofing, opted for aluminum on swing panels, and swapped in Perspex for the side glass. Under the hood, BMW beefed up the engine for more power. Bolt on all the extra aero and you have the BMW Batmobile.

Though a 3.0CSL is already an expensive proposition, Hagerty expects the value of these cars to rise steadily.

Next on the list is the first-generation Porsche Boxster. Right now, the baby Porsche sports car is fairly affordable. As long as it’s running well, of course. The Porsche Tax is always high, no matter which one you’re driving. Still, if you ever wanted to get into a Porsche, the Boxster is your smart ticket to entry for not a lot of money. At least, not right now.

America, F’ Yeah!

Jumping over to more American muscle pursuits, Hagerty says the 1984 to 1993 Saleen Mustang is set to soar. That’s a smart and easy call. Fox Body Mustangs have been on the rise as of late. Some high profile sales have certainly helped that, as Dennis Collins unloaded a lot of stock and Matt Farah sold his own Fox Body on BringATrailer. Buying any clean Fox Body is a smart idea at the moment. But if you can find a Saleen version, you need to jump on it quick.

Sticking with American cars, Hagerty believes the 1996 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport. Our own Ross Ballot might disagree, if Hagerty mentioned the later C6 version of the car. The C4 version though, offers strong power and a cool paint scheme. And it’s pretty damn rare, as Chevy only built 1,000 examples.

JDM love (and value) continues to flourish

Hagerty offers up two Japanese vehicles on its 2019 Must Buy list. The first is the 2004 Subaru WRX STI. We agree, as long as you find a clean unmodified version. That’s the hard part, really. As anyone who buys a true WRX STI wants to grab ahold of it and beat the snot out of it. Because the car rewards that sort of driving style.

Moving to a mid-engined mighty mini, the 1985 to 1989 Toyota MR2 is now firmly planted on collector car radar. Maybe the dude who sold five of them to buy one Mazda MX-5 should’ve waited a little longer?

More ‘Murica makes this list

The last four vehicles on the list are all kick-ass examples of American automotive entertainment. Hagerty has picked the 2004 Dodge Ram SRT10, 1980 to 1986 Ford Bronco, 2008 to 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP, and the 1994 to 1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate wagon.

We can get down with all four of those. Each one offers up a different experience for a different enthusiast. In fact, that quarter of cars would make for a pretty bad ass garage lineup. There’s tremendous horsepower, noise, and even a bit of utility offered up.

So what say you about this list? Do you think Hagerty has picked out some proper future collector car all stars here? Head over to Hagerty to read more about why they picked the cars and trucks they did. Also, you should head there for some great photography by DW Burnett.

[Image: Hagerty]

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