Sam Smith driving a Citroen

Hagerty bringing the heat to the online automotive video space

It’s good to be in the insurance game. There’s cash to be made, and Hagerty knows this. But Hagerty also knows how to spend it, judging by the upcoming onslaught of automotive content it’s just announced. The classic-car insurance giant is doling out a sweet lineup of shows on its YouTube channel. Here’s a peak at what’s to come.

There are many familiar faces found in the video above. The content looks very well shot and edited. And the actual stuff being shown, driven, enjoyed, drawn, built, etc is already intriguing enough to capture our interest. Here’s the full slate of shows to come, according to the description below the video:

Launching January 2021 is an ALL-NEW video season from Hagerty Media. Enjoy some of your fan favorites along with news shows that celebrate all things automotive. Check out the full list below.

REDLINE REBUILD (Mondays): Host Davin Reckow works tirelessly in the shop bringing old engines to life. Each of these time-lapse videos represents thousands of photos and hundreds of man-hours in an attempt to celebrate the beauty of the internal combustion engine.

*NEW* RATED (Tuesdays): A pro driver and a seasoned journalist hit the track with the most exciting new cars, diving deep into what makes these cars tick. Will the journalist and hot shoe agree or disagree?. HOSTS: Leh Keen, Kevin Madsen, Robb Holland, Sam Smith, Zack Klapman, Parker Kligerman, Kim Coon, and more.

CHIP FOOSE DRAWS A CAR (Wednesdays): From his hit TV show “Overhaulin’” to his award-winning hot rods, Chip Foose is known throughout the car world for his unique style and attention to detail. Chip puts pen to paper and gives us a unique take on car design.

*NEW* JASON CAMMISA ON THE ICONS (Thursdays): Untold stories of automotive legends: a visually stimulating and entertaining wiki video on why the automotive icons became legends.

*NEW* KNOW IT ALL (Thursdays): A short-form, humorous, quick take any technical concept pertaining to owning, driving, engineering, or talking about cars.

*NEW* REVELATIONS (Thursdays): The 20-minute, broadcast-quality, drippingly gorgeous, best-of-breed visual and acoustic feast of a review for the most important cars of all time.

*NEW* NEXT BIG THING with MAGNUS WALKER (Fridays): Enter into this six-part series, where Magnus Walker, famed Urban Outlaw, dives into affordable classics, the under-appreciated, and discovers the Next Big Thing.

*NEW* RAD VENTURES (Fridays): The age of fanny packs and stand-up jet skis was the pinnacle automotive era, at least in the eyes of our host, Ryan Symancek. With the help of Hagerty, Ryan revisits the heroes of the era. In this four-episode miniseries, he’ll examine stock variations of rad classics, and then put them head-to-head with a current performance version used today.

*NEW* BUYERS GUIDE (Sundays): A reboot of a classic Hagerty series, we bring the most desirable vintage cars to life and give helpful advice and value information to anyone looking to get into them.

All of those work quite well, and we can’t wait for them to start rolling out.

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