Greenspan's Classic Car and Bike Show

Greenspan’s is a clothing store in downtown Los Angeles. They hold an annual car show for classics and lowriders. The most recent show was this past March 14th and it was captured by photographer/videographer Abraham Manuel Calderón. The music, slow panning shots, and excellent iron all add up to one awesome video. Hop the jump for some Tres Delinquentes and the perfect clip for a warm Friday.

Greenspan’s Classic Car and Bike Show – One from Abraham Manuel Calderón on Vimeo.

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    1. Møbius Avatar

      They are both about the same age, though.
      Of course, some age better than others.

  1. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    Tres Delequentes FTW
    (!para el triunfo!)

  2. vwminispeedster Avatar

    Rollin through Oakland in my Dad's Citroen DSs are as close to a low rider as I'll ever get without getting the snot beaten out of my scrawny white ass. Plus it has the bonus ability to transform to a Box/Donk/Bubble. French hydros FTW!

  3. engineerd Avatar

    There was a Supercars Exposed episode where Tanner Foust put together a road rally with supercar owners and a lowrider group. It was fascinating to watch the supercar drivers go into some pretty gnarly areas of LA to meet up with the lowrider guys, then watch as the two groups met. They weren't sure at first, then really warmed up to each other. Two different worlds, separated by a socioeconomic chasm were united by a love of cars. Absolutely fascinating.

    1. SVT2888 Avatar

      You MUST find that episode online!

      1. engineerd Avatar

        It looks like there are torrents. Search for Supercars Exposed Los Angeles Supercar Rally. It's from Season 1, I think, and Hulu only seems to have Season 2.

  4. SVT2888 Avatar

    That park is only like 3 miles from where I live and I completely forgot about that show. DOH!
    I've been wanting to go to a Lowrider show…

  5. CptSevere Avatar

    This is some seriously cool stuff. As a kid, I thought lowriders were stupid, not enough PAH! (even thought the term wasn't invented yet, I knew the concept), but now they look very cool, gorgeous old cars that are pampered and respected. There's nothing wrong with that.

    1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

      You're exactly right. 20 years ago I would've denigrated these guys for killing old cars. But now, with the benefit of time to inform me, I realize that they're actually doing a fantastic job of preservation. Plus, those deco GMs are on my very short list of cars to build.

  6. Evan Greenspan Avatar
    Evan Greenspan

    And there will be car show NEXT year, March 13,2011, South Gate Park, with updates on Facebook and Myspace, (under "The Greenspan's Classic"), and at
    Evan (not Alan) Greenspan