GoPro to sell a new light that could be great for wrenching

With the relatively recent launch of the GoPro 8, the camera maker is diving deeper into the accessory end of the game. There are some great hardware addons for the action camera, which give it a lot more functionality. You have an improved microphone, flip-out display, and an attachable light. There’s a new light coming, however, that might have a much greater appeal. Even if you don’t use it with a camera, the upcoming Zeus Mini could be a sweet little light.

Here are the basic specs:

  • Waterproof up to 33 ft.
  • Up to six hours of runtime
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Four brightness modes with a max output of 200 lumens, with an emergency strobe feature
  • Functions with all GoPro mounts
  • The price will be $69.99

Sure, you can find a cheaper LED light at Harbor Freight. But those last a week and then you wind up with a pile of useless lights in the corner of your garage. The Zeus Mini could be a nice solution for those of you looking for a flexible and small lighting solution. And the key to its usability lies with how it can bolt right into the various GoPro mounts. That means you can pop it on the headband strap, mount it to a suction cup, or place it on a sticky mount. Hell, it’s waterproof so you could mount in an aquarium if you really wanted.

I’ll admit this makes sense for those who are already in the GoPro ecosystem. You’ll have batteries and chargers at hand. You will also have the mounts lying around as well. For me, this could serve a dual purpose as proper in-car lighting when I’m shooting a video and also as a useful garage companion when I’m breaking something under the hood of my Montero.

Per GoPro, it goes on sale later this month.

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One response to “GoPro to sell a new light that could be great for wrenching”

  1. caltemus Avatar

    70 dollars for a 200 Lumen light is a terrible value. Is the battery swappable with a camera battery or is it permanently installed? A quick search turns up multiple Flashlight GoPro mounts for less than 10 dollars.