Go for an off-road drive with these Nitto Tire 360 trail-run videos

I’m itching to take my Montero somewhere so it can stretch its legs a bit. Right now, all the trails are closed and even the smaller dirt roads I use for photography or video are closed. Nitto has some relief though, in the form of 360-degree videos shot on some great trails.

Our friend Andrew Collins at Jalopnik shared these earlier, and I wanted to bring them to your attention because they’re great. The first one above was shot only an hour or so from my house. About ten minutes into the clip, you can see that the 4Runner encounters a downhill section where it needs some help. Turn the camera angle towards the driver’s side, and watch as two gents get out and turn into human outriggers.

If you get bored with the Willow Creek Trail, Nitto has a few more options for you:

The footage is great. It seems 360-degree camera tech has come quite a ways over the course of just the last few years. And it’s easy to get sucked into watching these trail runs while sitting comfortably on your couch with a laptop in front of you. You can watch and control them from your phone, of course too.

Or go full immersion, pop on a VR helmet, and sit in your car.

[Source: Youtube via Jalopnik]

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