Go back in time with a MotorWeek review of the new 1989 Mitsubishi Montero

I know how my Mitsubishi Montero drives today. It’s a vehicle with probably 300,000 miles on its chassis, a rebuilt engine, and plenty of creaks and groans. What was it like when it was brand new though? I don’t have to wonder because MotorWeek can answer my question.

This is a review of the then-new four-door version of the Montero. What do the extra doors mean for the off-road-focused machine? It helps the ride, increases interior comfort, adds cargo space, and ups the under-hood power option with the 3.0-liter V6. Also, the Montero is better on-road than you might expect. Skip to the 3-minute mark and watch that thing dance through a slalom. I sure-as-shit would not try that in my truck. I’m glad someone did though.

MotorWeek says buyers are more likely to flock to the Jeep Cherokee though, and that proved true. Regardless, Mitsubishi once built one hell of a truck. And I’m happy to have one parked outside right now.

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