Georgia On My Mind Edition

Founded in 1989, Panoz Auto Development is the brainchild of Dan Panoz. With the help of his father Don, they formed a racing team which builds their own cars and happens to produce a few for the street. One of those models is the Panoz Esperante seen above. I have spied this car running around Huntington Beach for the last few years but I finally had my camera sitting shotgun. I have always noticed the car but this was the first time I noticed the license plate. I wouldn’t go as far to advertise that this car has brute force. However, it does provide fun in the from a 302 hp 4.6L V8 engine. Per the Panoz website, this car will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a hair over 5 seconds. Not too shabby. More exciting than the performance numbers however is the fact that you can drive a stylish sportscar which is produced in low numbers, right here in the USA. Panoz is based Hoschton, Georgia. Besides the car company, Panoz also owns Road Atlanta…that’s right he OWNS an amazing race track that is home to such great races as Petit Le Mans.

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