Georg Plasa's Judd V8-powered BMW will roar once more

Georg Plasa is a hill climb legend. The German gent won many a title all over Europe, and he did so behind the wheel of one of his heavily modified BMW race cars. One of his most famous cars is a Judd V8-powered E36. Between its front wheels sits a 560 horsepower screamer of an engine, and it only has to move a vehicle that weighs 1,973 pounds.
Sadly, Plasa died in 2011 during a hill climb race in Rome.
One of Georg’s closest friends is KW founder Klaus Wohlfarth, and after chatting with Plasa’s family acquired the car. The rest of the story is pretty wonderful from there on out.
You’ll need to head over to Speedhunters to read all about it. Also, the pictures of the car are just as great.
Furthermore, you should look for this car as it once again roars to life at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed. It should be one hell of a run, complimented by red misty eyes and smiling faces.
[Image used courtesy of Speedhunters]

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One response to “Georg Plasa's Judd V8-powered BMW will roar once more”

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    Greg Kachadurian

    This makes me so happy