Friends of Hooniverse – An evening with The Smoking Tire crew

Here at the Hooniverse, we don’t spend all day on our own site. Okay, it’s always up in at least three tabs of our browser, but we also check out the other sites out there as well. One such site that we’re fans of is The Smoking Tire, because the crew over there is producing some seriously excellent videos.

Lately, the TST group has been churning out a weekly podcast. We miss our own Hooniverse podcast, but to help satiate our desires, Matt Farah extended an invitation to appear on The Smoking Tire-produced audio party. The TST HQ is only 30 minutes from the SoCal Hooniverse HQ, so we trekked up the 405, dodging driving danger the entire way.

Click past the break to listen up.

Here’s the write up from Zack Klapman:

What’s up peoples and peoplettes. It’s episode 7 of The Smoking Tire Podcast. This week we sat down with Hooniverse’s Jeff Glucker. Yeah, that’s right, this Jeff Glucker. Turns out he’s a nice young man with a quick wit. And he never tried to sell us anything! Professional funny as fuck-er Micah ‘Bam Bamm’ White was also back to lend the perspective of a normal, non-car-obsessed human. We talk about The Panamera Turbo S, taking money from Hyundai’s CEO, shitty company cars, and Falcons.  Jump. Download. Learn?




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Thanks to everyone at The Smoking Tire compound, and Micah White. Good times were had, many swears were uttered, and I hope you enjoy listening. 

[Source: The Smoking Tire]

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