Found on the Street: Daily-driven Alfa Romeo GTV6 2.5

Finding rare rides on the street is always fun, but you might not have a camera handy. Thankfully, reader Marcal did have his camera at the go by way of his phone, and he was able to send in two shots of this oh-so-sweet Alfa Romeo GTV6. According to Marcal, he walks by this car several times a week, and it’s nearly always parked in the same spot. That leads Marcal to assume this is a daily driver, which is excellent to see.

Marcal goes on to report that the body, barring a few dings, scratches and one baseball-sized dent, is in solid shape. The interior isn’t faring quite as well as the outside, and appears to be in rough shape. Oh well, we just hope the engine and transmission are running strong, because we love seeing cars like this out and about.

Thanks for sending in the pics Marcal. Hop the jump to see the other shot.

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