Found in the Forums: Project Ugly Horse

If you haven’t yet visited the Hooniverse Forums, you’re a bad person, and you should feel bad. The Hooniverse forums are filling up with great stories about pretty much anything folks feel like talking about. Occasionally, a thread might become so enjoyable that we deem it worthy of jumping into the bright glare of the spotlight provided by the main page. We’re going to bring those posts to your attention with a new segment called “Found in the Forums”.

To get the ball rolling, we ask that you turn your attention to the properly named Project Ugly Horse. This shitheap steal of a deal is the property of Mr. Zach Bowman. The Tennessee-native is sharing his tale of turning a 2.3-liter, automatic-equipped Fox Body into a track-tearing shitheap toy built for pure shock and awesome.

Dive into the Project Ugly Horse thread to learn more.

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