Found in the Forums: How cool is your barber?

Reader NoKetchup loves his local barbershop, and it’s easy to see why. Said barber is rolling around town in a rather excellent example of one of the greatest pickup trucks of all time, the Ford F100. Don’t get too excited about the steering wheel placement though, as we’re nearly certain this photo has been flipped around. Still, it’s a awesome image of automotive Americana.

This particular forum thread got me thinking about my own barber shop. The gent who cuts my hair is named Doug, and his closely cropped top is offset by the beard that runs down to about mid chest. Doug is (I believe) in his mid 20’s, and originally hails from Michigan, which is where is mildly modified Chevelle awaits his return. The parking lot next to my barbershop (Hawleywoods in Huntington Beach – it even says “HooniverseJeff” on the VIP board) often hosts classic car shows. These car gatherings highlight vehicles that appeal to both the lead sled set and the general lovers of old school steel.

Do you get your mop trimmed at a place that could be considered Hoon-worthy? Sound off in the forum thread, found here.

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