Found in the Forums: A garage upgrade project is afoot!

You remember my friend Tom? He’s the one who got the approval from his wife to bring a 1969 Pontiac Firebird into his family. More recently, Tom and I redid the carpeting in the car, and the owner has since added a nice wooden steering wheel. The car is running smoothly, looks good in all of its needs-paint resplendence, and has a happy owner looking to further improve the car as time and money allow.

Luckily, Tom recently got another approval from his clearly cool wife. The thumbs up to upgrade the garage. I’ve started a thread in the forums so we can begin soliciting ideas, but I also (quite selfishly) wanted to share the a link to the thread in this week’s Found in the Forums post.

Here’s the deal; we’re looking at a budget of around $1,000, and our immediate hot spots are the flooring and walls. After that comes storage. Tom already has a solid selection of tools, and a nice Husky home for them. So we wanted to ask you, dear Hoons, what would you do with the space and the budget? Feel free to chime in via the comments here or get your ass into the forums already…

Click here for the garage project thread.

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