Forum Wars coming to Speed TV

There is a forum for every type of car enthusiast out there…even Chrysler Crossfire fans, which we have managed to piss off recently. If you read this site, you most likely venture into a forum or six from time to time as well. Typically they are filled with unbridled passion for one make and unequivocal hatred for another. Porsche folks vs Corvette folks, WRX STI vs Evo fans, and Crossfire enthusiasts vs Hooniverse (just kidding…). Well the folks at Speed have decided to jump into this fray and allow rival forum drivers to put their metal where their mouth is with the launch of a new show called Forum Wars. Our friend Rob Krider just so happens to be piloting a vehicle for the opening episode. He is behind the wheel of a GT 500 Mustang which lines up next to a Nissan 350Z. Here is a teaser of the action: The Forum Wars I think the idea of pitting rival vehicles against each other and having it result in tire-smoking, trash-talking, vehicular mayhem is a very good thing…as long as tired internet memes don’t make the journey as well. The show premieres April 5th on Speed so tune in to see who wins the battle between American Pony and Japanese Samurai. (Rob would like to thank Hoosier Tires, Carbotech Brake pads and I/O Port Racing Supplies for helping fund their entry into this event)

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