Formula Supra stripped down before its Judd engine transplant

Project Formula Supra is in full swing. The Toyota Supra owned by Ryan Tuerck has been stripped down ahead of its upcoming power upgrade. All of the bits have been unbolted and pulled off the car. From there, it’s getting chemically stripped further to remove as much gunk and paint as possible. There’s a goal weight for this build and it’s a mighty impressive 2,200 pounds. Pair that weight with the power of the GV4 Judd V10 engine and you have a monster on your hands.

It’s exciting to watch this one come together.

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2 responses to “Formula Supra stripped down before its Judd engine transplant”

  1. logomisia Avatar

    Fantastic video. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  2. Maria Hernandez Avatar

    Amazing, I never knew that these cars are opened like this before any race. I really like cars and specially when it comes to racing cars I become crazy. I have done many car designs in my leisure hour. I have edited lots of car pictures to be frank.