formula supra is on the ground

Formula Supra is on the ground!

Ryan Tuerck’s Formula Supra is off the lift and on the ground. It’s not done yet, of course, but this is a great peek at just how far this build has come. In fact, the video below walks you through everything that’s been done to the car to this point.

It’s always a bit funny seeing a car at this stage of a build. You realize just how much of it has to come back apart before being put together again. For the Supra, all of it has to come apart. As the chassis is going to get some more work done ahead of the bits being bolted back on. Then there’s aero work to be done, painting, air ducting, some oil plumbing, and, well a whole lot of “more” on the to-do list.

Still, we’re getting close. Really close. And I can’t wait to hear that Judd absolutely screaming…

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