Ryan Tuerck shows off the alternator on the Formula Supra

Formula Supra gets an alternator and it runs off the driveshaft

Formula Supra has made some big jumps lately in terms of what’s getting bolted onto it. The Judd V10-powered GR Supra now has a driveshaft, alternator, oil tank, seat, and steering wheel. And the alternator is mounted in a rather unique way. Since the original fuel tank has been removed, there’s a lot of space above the rear axle. The builders are going to stuff a number of accessories and other items in this space, like the battery for example. This is also where the alternator is hanging out and it runs off a v-belt setup from the driveshaft.

The Judd V10 engine comes with an alternator but it’s a small one that’s basically used to get the engine going and not much else. A beefier unit is needed to fun all of the fans, engine management items, lights, etc. So rather than try to cram one in the engine bay, the team has connected the alternator to the rear axle and will use a pully mounted between the diff and the driveshaft to spin the alternator. It’s a pretty slick setup that has its roots in the motorsport world but I’ve never seen it in action myself.

Besides the alternator, the Formula Supra gets a slick carbon-fiber driveshaft. There’s a fancy carbon-backed Recaro seat installed. And OMP supplied a carbon-fiber quick-release steering wheel. Add in the Tilton pedal box and this insane-o machine is coming together rather nicely. It shouldn’t be much longer before this thing is heading into a paint booth, at this rate.

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