Formula Supra gets a custom roll cage and it’s a work of art

Ryan Tuerck’s Formula Supra project car build is rolling right along. Well, it’s not literally rolling at the moment since the A90 Supra has been stripped all the way down to the body in white… and even then more had to be hacked off. That’s because the car is getting a roll cage. And it’s a damn fine one, as the fabrication work here is pretty amazing.

The cage has been meticulously measured so it fits perfectly within the tight body lines of the Supra. It has great dimple dies welded into the A-pillars and door bars. The engine bay ties perfectly into the cage through the sealed off firewall. It all adds up to a Supra that is going to be stiff and safe. Next up, Tuerck says the build will have the seating position roughed into place, steering bits installed, and hopefully, soon we get to see that engine slide into its new home.

There’s a way to go, but this team is moving along nicely.

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One response to “Formula Supra gets a custom roll cage and it’s a work of art”

  1. neight428 Avatar

    I used to think drifting was silly, but I’ve come around to seeing these operations as something I would try to replicate post-Powerball jackpot. That’s an awesome looking cage, and the screaming engine in that car is going to be the full sensory experience.