Ford Sale: Thunderbird Wagon


First of all: the third generation Ford Thunderbird is a gorgeous car. Second: wagons, especially in two (three?) door form are awesome. Combine the two, and you get this. 

Just look at it.

I probably shouldn’t lust after a car, but if that’s wrong, lock me up.


The “wood” on the dash is a questionable choice, but otherwise I have no complaints. This would look right at home on Fifth Avenue, driven by a wealthy lady of excellent taste, loaded to the brim with her newly-purchased pillbox hats. Megan Draper, eat your heart out.

From the ad:

1962 Ford Thunderbird hatchback wagon. Restored, Professionally built, one-of-a-kind custom car. Conversion utilizes roof from 1965 Olds Vista-Cruiser wagon. Conversion alone took 400+ hours to complete. Has 1969 Ford 390 V8 with Ford 428 crank and cam. Winner of many awards. Featured in magazines such as Special Interest Autos, Custom Rodder, etc. Professionally appraised in 1999 at $24,500. Recent upgrades include: rebuilt Holley 650 cfm 4-barrel carburetor, refurbished braking and steering systems, New windshield and hatch window (plexiglas), new paint as needed,new battery, have all receipts to 1994 when I purchased the car, comes with new Evolution car cover. A beautiful and absolutely unique automobile. A steal at $24,900.

Any takers?

[Link: Hemmings]

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28 responses to “Ford Sale: Thunderbird Wagon”

  1. Guillaume Avatar

    Amazing! I'm not even sure it would look better in brown

    1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      I can't think of any colour combination I'd prefer.

  2. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    That is fantastic. Not to mention the Vista Cruiser roof. I'm not so wild about the upholstery, and plexiglass windows are a bit of a red flag. But, what's not to love?

  3. Scandinavian Flick ★ Avatar
    Scandinavian Flick ★

    <img src=""&gt;

    1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

      Needs more Eagle.

  4. ZomBee Racer Avatar


  5. Batshitbox Avatar

    Really? You used the last of your Kodachrome to take pictures of your car? Sweet.

    1. C³-Cool Cadillac Cat Avatar
      C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

      Momma didn't take it away…

  6. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi

    Day-um, girl! You carry all that fly around with you everywhere you go?
    And I don't even like T-birds of that era.
    Or should I say, "…didn't like T-birds of that era."

  7. Waywords Avatar

    The fuzzy upholstery fabric should be leather, but I could live with that in exchange for… All That Other Good Stuff.

  8. Sjalabais Avatar

    Wow, that is nice! The rear end reminds me of something:
    <img src="; width="600">
    Just a bit more…American.
    American wagons would probably not make it down my driveway, but there is something about the size and presence that's really appealing. Just clicked myself through a Torino wagon ad that made my mouth water:
    <img src="; width="600">

    1. zaddikim Avatar

      I could do with a shorter hood (even with a big block you could cook a side of beef in that engine compartment) but apart from that, this wagon is all sorts of awesome.

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        I understand your point, but with a car like that, waste of space is kind of priority #1 to me. Can only imagine how a hood like that looks from the driver's seat…manly.

      2. MVEilenstein Avatar

        I'd settle for a turkey dinner.
        [youtube niegc7QcilM youtube]

        1. Sjalabais Avatar

          Now that's a lot of good thinking! 8)

          1. MVEilenstein Avatar

            Remember, if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

  9. vwminispeedster Avatar

    It's in San Rafael!! Time to fire up the SecondsSaturdays beacon and beckon in across the bay!

  10. joshwebster84 Avatar

    Plexiglass rear window looks like the bak of an old pickup camper shell. 9/10 will leak like crazy. Otherwise, pretty tasty.

  11. Mad_Hungarian Avatar

    This vehicle has been making the rounds of blogs, magazines, and sale listings for a long time. I can't get past some of the issues and compromises in the build. Reasonable minds may differ about the Ford-GM mashup. However, is there anyone out there who really thinks the solution for the rear hatch is a good one? It gives off the impression of seriously poor design and planning just to bolt a T-handle and a couple of exposed hinges to a piece of plexiglass and slap it crudely and inelegantly up there. This photo also shows that the "cargo floor" is very high. Seems to me a heck of a lot of money to invest in a custom job not to finish it off properly.

    1. Rover1 Avatar

      And the answer is just above. Put a Volvo ES glass hatchback, with it's associated metalwork and seals in and finish it off properly. With the Ford ownership of Volvo, it could easily argued that it's keeping it in the family.
      Either that or put in a proper wagon tailgate….
      <img src="×234.jpg"width="600"&gt;

    2. LTDScott Avatar

      *shrug* it worked for Volvos and Pintos.

    3. mdharrell Avatar

      "It gives off the impression of seriously poor design and planning just to bolt a T-handle and a couple of exposed hinges to a piece of plexiglass and slap it crudely and inelegantly up there."
      Hey! Wait just a darned minute!
      <img src="; width="450">
      Sigh. Yeah, maybe you're right.

    4. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
      Peter Tanshanomi

      "It gives off the impression of seriously poor design and planning just to bolt a T-handle and a couple of exposed hinges…"
      EXHIBIT A:
      <img src=""&gt;

  12. Krash Kadillak Avatar
    Krash Kadillak

    This Thunderbird wagon has been for sale – for YEARS……. Might seem like a good idea, but it's lacking in the details. Bad upholstery job, and the execution of the rear hatch leaves a lot to be desired – PLEXIGLAS, really? Also, this is a crank-window T-Bird. The wood on the dash and doors could be from a 'Landau' model, or it could be a cheap A/M job – had to tell. IMO, it's worth maybe $10-12K.

  13. C³-Cool Cadillac Cat Avatar
    C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    It's a nice 20 foot custom job, but I want moar sequential taillamp and just a different dash, now that I've seen that angle.
    I've seen pics where the wood/petroleum byproduct inlay looks nice, but this doesn't Might be I'm seeing it for the first time on a proper large CRT.

  14. BobWellington Avatar

    My God, that is gorgeous.

  15. MVEilenstein Avatar

    As a concept, a Thunderbird shooting brake is awesome. In real life, it's not for me. Still, I'm not going to fault a man for actually putting his creativity to use.