Florida officials force Corky Yager to say bye-bye to his Beetles

Zoning laws can be a bitch sometimes. Just ask Leroy “Corky” Yager who lives near Dade City, Florida. Corky is the owner of Sunray Bugs, which has been described as a Disneyland for Volkswagen enthusiasts. You don’t have to pay $50 to get inside like the aforementioned theme park, but you could be leaving with any number of parts for your VW should you make the trek to Corky’s place. At least, you could’ve… After a drawn out bit of litigation, Corky is being forced to remove hundreds of Volkswagens from his property. Back in 2009, a neighbor complained to the city that the property, a 10-acre parcel playing host to dubs in various state of disrepair, was an eyesore. Although Corky’s property is zoned for commercial purposes, it’s not ready to host a junkyard. Though the Yager family prefers to call the grounds a Volkswagen graveyard, county officials beg to differ and stick by the verbotten J word. The official ruling to clear the property of vehicles came in August 2010, and Sunray Bugs had until December of that year to clean-up the land. They missed the deadline, and then missed it again, forcing the county to come in and finish the job. It took them six days to remove an estimated 200 tons of metal… which was just half of the nearly 800 cars laying about the land. Corky, his family, and his employees plan to meet the next deadline for car removal set by the court. The team is feverishly stripping the cars of any viable parts, and everything else will be sent to the scrapper. [Source: Tampa Bay Times | Image: VintageCarTalk.comThanks for the tip, Ray!]

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