First Drive: The Hyundai Palisade

We trekked to Idaho to sample the new Hyundai Palisade. Is it as good as the Kia Telluride we’ve driven and loved? Yep… basically a restyled wrapper for a very similar machine.

Click play to learn more.

For a deeper dive of the onboard tech, go here:

And if you want a refresher on the Kia Telluride, check out our First Drive review from April fo 2019:

First Drive: 2020 Kia Telluride

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3 responses to “First Drive: The Hyundai Palisade”

  1. HuntRhymesWith Avatar

    The Telluride looks incredible, better than the Tahoe it copied, but is a bit of a poser- it acts like a truck but isn’t. The Palisade is just atrocious, mainly because of that grille.

    I think at the same price point and performance people buy with their eyes so I’ll predict the Telluride sells way better.

    I’d pick the Telluride, or a CPO Tahoe/Yukon.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Styling by Remington? The decoy upper headlight thing seems to be a bit of a fad now too.

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    The Palisade is moderately attractive in profile (somewhat GMC-Acadia-ish), but unfortunately not on either end. The front looks like a cross between a bloated Santa Fe and an Infiniti QX80, which should be taken not as a compliment but as a full-on insult. The rear is… almost ok? I’m not digging those tail lamps.

    It’s a shame, because this car is nicely proportioned and at a glance in rear 3/4 view, it’s nearly pretty. I think Hyundai tried too hard at the rear and way too little at the front. The inside is nice, but not nicer than that of the Telluride. This car’s biggest downfall is that it will inevitably be compared to its Kia sibling, which is simply better.

    Telluride. No contest.