First Drive: 2022 Infiniti QX55

Infiniti is rolling out some fresh machinery, and the first one up is the QX55. It’s a coupe-ified version of the QX50 crossover. And those are selling well right now. Can Infiniti bite into some of that luxury/premium coupe crossover market space? It’s a strong… maybe, from us on this one.

[Disclaimer: Infiniti dropped off the QX55 with a full tank of fuel and let us borrow the car for 24 hours.]

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2 responses to “First Drive: 2022 Infiniti QX55”

  1. mdharrell Avatar

    Even though somehow I’ve ended up as the enthusiastic owner of several forty-plus-year-old CVT-equipped vehicles, I’ve never driven a more recent example. Nonetheless I remain baffled at the thought of artificially imposing a set of fixed gear ratios onto the experience. What’s next, a manufacturer introducing fake exhaust noises into the cabin through the audio system?

  2. L A Schock Avatar
    L A Schock

    For half the price of a QX55 new, seek out a 325 HP Naturally Aspirated 2016 or 2017 QX50. This is the Pioneer of the Crossover Coupe Segment. Handles and Performs like a VQ powered 370Z but with the features of a roomy rear seat & AWD. The 2008 to 2017 EX, EX35, EX37, QX50 is one funky pocket rocket that is affordable and fun to drive and priced decently now as a used unit. 7 Speed non CVT auto with sport mode and rev matching down shifts, throaty exhaust, manual steering, these things scoot at $20K