Fantasy Finds Friday: Learn to speak Italian with this Alfa Romeo GTVand learn to wrench as well

fff alfa romeo gtv Last week, I was all about finding a slammed and patina’d pickup. I did just that, and I’m still thinking about that sweet machine. I’m in a different mode today, however, and I’m eager for some Italian. I’ve always had a soft spot for the mid 1970’s Alfa coupes. When Tim and I ran the SoCal TT back in 2011, there was a friendly fellow with an affinity for Alfa Romeos. Not quite Afshin from Petrolicious levels of insanity, but the love was certainly present. Since it’s Friday, it’s time for me to play into my own fantasies. That’s how I came across [sc:ebay itemid=”201107452057″ linktext=”this absolutely lovely 1975 Alfa Romeo GTV” ]. It’s got the looks, the style, the red paint, the right wheels, and the current bid is less than $9,000… fff alfa As much as I love old Mercedes-Benz products, the German machines I fancy are no match in the looks department when parked next to almost anything Italian. This is especially true when it comes to these older Alfa coupes. The lines are perfect, and just eyeballing this car takes you to a completely different part of the world. Were I able to scoop this thing up, a drive through California wine country could easily be confused for a trip through Tuscany… minus the occasional strip malls and In-N-Out drive up windows. Yes, there are 9 days (as of the time of this writing) to go [sc:ebay itemid=”201107452057″ linktext=”on the listing” ], and the price will certainly climb higher. Still, it shouldn’t shoot to the moon, and, were I free of the Civic and The Wombat, I’d have a hard time not hitting the BID button on this one. So that’s my Fantasy Find for this Friday. Now it’s time to show me yours. Sound off below in the comments. You know you’re already done faking work for today anyway… [Source: [sc:ebay itemid=”201107452057″ linktext=”eBay Motors” ]]

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