Fantasy Finds Friday: Land Rover Defender 110

fff land rover defender
It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a dive on the Fantasy Finds train. I’ve got my HoonTruck, and there is a boat load of parts for it on the way to my house (more on that very soon). Here we are though on this Friday February 27th, and I’ve decided to once again head back out into some fantastical waters to appease my “I Need That” portion of my brain.
Lately I’ve been eyeballing Defenders. Well, I always eyeball them, but this past week or so I’ve been really paying attention to them again. Our man Kamil says he’s done drooling over them as the prices have gone ultra-loco, but there are still deals out there to be found. Still, Fantasy Finds Friday isn’t about finding a deal but instead filling a hole in that fantasy garage in your heart and mind.
Regardless, with its $28,000 BIN, this 1988 Land Rover Defender 110 is ticking a whole lot of my fantasy boxes.

[sc:ebay itemid=”361225756461″ linktext=”Offered up for sale in Florida”], the seller states that he or she actually owns a Land Rover servicing shop and this is their personal vehicle. Additionally, it is claimed that the vehicle is 100% legal, which is extremely important when purchasing a Defender.
The color is perfect. The wheels are perfect. The interior also appears to be pretty damn perfect. As of the time of this writing, the bidding sits at just $15k with an unmet reserve. That $28k BIN could perhaps drop with an offer of $22k-$25k, and someone would be going home with one hell of a British tractor.
I know the ride quality would be horrid. It’s slow. I’m assuming that if something breaks I have to sell a kidney to fix it. Regardless, I’ve always wanted a Defender and I know in my heart that I’ll own one someday. Perhaps once the Wombat and HoonTruck are ready to move on (or move period, in the case of the Wombat) it will be time for my Rover adventure.
Oh… and I’d take this engine bay, empty the 3.5 sitting inside it and plop in an LS3.
So that’s my Fantasy Find for this Friday. Now it’s time to show my yours, so to speak. You’re not focused on work anymore as it is, so get to virtual shopping and share it in the comments below.
[Source: [sc:ebay itemid=”361225756461″ linktext=”eBay Motors” ]]

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  1. Shayne Avatar

    It actually has the 2.5 turbo diesel in it… And they are so simple it’s not too bad to fix if something does break.. Although there is not much to break on this…and yes…it’s my truck..